Why doesn't page shrink when reducing on desktop?

What is going on with https://www.keatonla.com/the-work – not my work.
When I shrink it on a desktop firefox browser it’s unresponsive.
It looks ok on mobile, (Not my work)
I looked at desktop browser tools; don’t see any media queries.
Owner said site is top of search in google. Confuses me as google is very mobile happy.

Wah! That looks a fright to me. Styles are loaded in dynamically, but having said that I’m not sure there is much going on with media queries. I’d like to see the actual Google dashboard ranking for this site.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rob.
Suspect she doesn’t know anything about Google ranking and thinks it is typing site name in the search bar and it coming up.
All I found in browser css
–minViewportSize: 320;
–maxViewportSize: 1920;

I have also similar issue iam trying to find out but i can’t any suggestion .