Wordpress navmenu two separated html pages

Hi I am new in this and i make a page for wordpress based on the video tutorial (an index page as a master page), i did two more pages html pages ,so the questions is how i link that two separate pages with the boostraps menu, i have tried using for example redes.html as a link and it works fine inside pinegrow but when i export the whole project as a theme in wordpress it did not. I also tried to put an unique id like #redes but it also did not work. thanks for your help

Hi @irieman. Have you read this article in the Pinegrow docs http://docs.pinegrow.com/wordpress-themes/navigation-menus and maybe have a look at this https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Menu_User_Guide

This might also be of use http://docs.pinegrow.com/creating-wordpress-themes/07-navigation-menu

After you have created your navigation in PG you also have to add the menus in Wordpress Admin > Menus.

@irieman Let me know if any of this solved your problem, if not we can try figure it out.