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when I convert the website in wordpress and i upload it to wordpress everything is good visually but when i click menu to go to like contact page it doesnot go, somebody help me

Have you defined menu areas in WordPress and corresponding menu calls in Pinegrow using the corresponding smart action? Do the corresponding posts/pages exist in WordPress? Have you created specific templates of posts/pages in Pinegrow?

No, how do you do that?

You have to use the smart WordPress action “menu”.
Then from WordPress you create a new menu and configure the elements

MY FRIEND PLEASE HELP ME OUT . My I uploaded the website but as I said it only shows the home page so when i click on the menu it loads and then back to home page so i created menu for the about and made custom link to about-us.html my about page but still does not work diud I do anything wrong

With Pinegrow you make the TEMPLATE structure of the pages: index.php, front-page.php, archive.php.
In WordPress, you create the pages and posts.

On pinegrow you created the about-us.html page, but did you remember to add the smart wordpress action “Define page template”? (link to Pinegrow documentation)

After creating the page template, you need to go to WordPress and create a new page, called “About us,” and in the settings you will need to assign the template you just created to it.

After you’ve done that, you can move on to creating the menu.

@Plunky I made a painfully long video on building a menu in Pinegrow that you might want to check out. Most of the video is spent creating the menu structure, styling the menu, and adding interactions for the dropdowns and mobile menu. If you make it all the way to timestamp 1:28:00 (timestamps are in the video) you’ll see how that all can be used to make the WordPress menu.

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I had a quick look at your video, good job.
However I think abduhakim’s problem is related to page management.

“And I created a custom link to about-us.html”
I think he created the pages on Pinegrow but did not define those pages as templates. And now he is trying to put the pages that do not exist in the menu.

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