Wp_enqueue style does not work with my PG 5.941

I have a html file that uses an own css file (css/mdb.css). This html is to be used as a wordpress template. I did set this as an action in the html file.

To have this css file included the Wordpress way I create a tag in my html and then use the Enqueue Script action from Pinegrow to get this CSS included.
The fields:

handle : mdb.css
Src (relatice to theme dir) : cdd/mdb.css
Dependencies : I leave it empty
Version : false
Media : all
Location : Website
enabled: Register % Enqueue style

furthermore no actions on this link
this is the code I see then in the PHP CODE PREVIEW

<!-- Functions.php section Include Resources -->
require_once "inc/wp_pg_helpers.php";

Then I save and export. But if I search in my theme map for mdb or wp_enqueue I do not find the code that adds this css file and I also think then this does not work. The css file is exported, this is the only thing I see.

So I guess I am using this action the wrong way, I also did not edit function.php manually. This html page (template) does not need anything conditional to load this CSS, it should always load the CSS.

please help me with this topic.

Issue is fixed since my fault was that this html file was using another file as main template. This means header and footer are not created from this other html file.
So to add this script I added it in my main template: index.html instead of this 2nd new html file.
An wordpress export from the main file also exports the header and footer which then have the wp_enqueue code.

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