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Wp-Starter Theme Update



Just wondering will you guys be updating the starter theme anytime soon…? I know in an earlier post you guys said you were waiting for Bootstrap 4 to come out officially… It has been out for a while now… Any ETA as of yet…?




hi @ccriff, someone else asked the other day somewhere , here or slack and @earnoud (the author) replied that he was on it, but no ETA as of yet (I guess because they were working on Pinegrow 4.6 Wordpress upgrade - He is the wordpress guy in PineGrow, I think )


I asked not long ago. The reply was that they just had to sort out the navwalker for bootstrap 4


oh good. fingers crossed then :slight_smile:
It could be interesting to use it with the newest pinegrow 4.6 and its wp them features.

ive never really got very far with them, so, I shall be experimenting again soon :slightly_smiling_face:

Exciting times


What new features do you guys want the theme to have…?

I hope it has more Customizer controls as other modern themes already have…

A better way to change the layout and content of the theme without using the Lib page…

More compatible with plugins like Slider Revolution which the theme has but is not very user friendly…

More compatible with page builders like beaver builder, visual composer, and elements, although they should work already…

I know this is suppose to be a starter theme but we can dream…

Hopefully they can get this done…


Support for Beaver Builder would be amazing.


You can definitely use Beaver Builder with the Starter Theme 2 which is FREE and available (since Aug 16, 2018) from

The WordPress Starter Theme 2 (ST2) is a foundation/framework for quickly developing your own custom themes. The ST2 is based on Bootstrap 4.x, with a complete set of WordPress common templates and support for Jetpack & WooCommerce.

  • The WordPress Starter Theme 2 is not an update of the previous version (1.2) but a totally new version .
  • The WordPress Starter Theme 2 requires Pinegrow PRO with WordPress builder, it will not work without it.