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Pinegrow Starter theme


Has there ever been any further releases of the starter theme? Version 1.2 is the latest one I have. I’m just wondering if any have been released since as they’re time saving and help me understand how to apply Wordpress applicable content to my elements.


Another edition with Bootstrap 4 will come in the future.(no ETA)
There are a few things that we need to add in Pinegrow first.(then validate).

Things like BS4 compatible navwalkers mostly because currently, we only support navigation for BS 3.x

Pinegrow navwalker is not for bs4, it's for bs3

Ok @earnoud, thank you for the update.


How’s it moving with the starter theme? I remember seeing it planned for 4.9 which just released as per the email I’ve got.


The Starter Theme 2 will be available very soon. It is currently in beta testing phase.


We are happy to introduce the all new Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme 2.

We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to post your comments :slight_smile:


Sound Awesone! I will check it out, looks liek it could be a real time saver