Pinegrow Starter theme

Has there ever been any further releases of the starter theme? Version 1.2 is the latest one I have. I’m just wondering if any have been released since as they’re time saving and help me understand how to apply Wordpress applicable content to my elements.

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Another edition with Bootstrap 4 will come in the future.(no ETA)
There are a few things that we need to add in Pinegrow first.(then validate).

Things like BS4 compatible navwalkers mostly because currently, we only support navigation for BS 3.x

Ok @Emmanuel, thank you for the update.

How’s it moving with the starter theme? I remember seeing it planned for 4.9 which just released as per the email I’ve got.

The Starter Theme 2 will be available very soon. It is currently in beta testing phase.

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We are happy to introduce the all new Pinegrow WordPress Starter Theme 2.

We hope you enjoy it. Feel free to post your comments :slight_smile:


Sound Awesone! I will check it out, looks liek it could be a real time saver