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130 Blocks for Pinegrow - Loads like Bootstrap Blocks for Pinegrow

I added a demo with most but not all of the blocks. I stuffed the CSS with a lot of junk so its unsuable to
prevent any piracy, so its much much larger than the real one, so ignore the slow load time

hee hee hee… and, just what IS a Brith?
:smiley: hee hee

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I updated this plugin so it loads just like the bootstrap blocks plugin that comes with Pinegrow. You can now easily add it to any project as some people were struggling with the previous version.

Will add an updated demo version above when its ready.

It also has a few extras like one click parallax from prop panel. Another huge update coming soon also!


Download the new demo which loads just like the Pinegrow blocks installed with pinegrow here

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70 new blocks added with more to come soon


40 More Blocks added, over 240, now, I haven’t offically released this version yet but you can login and download if you have already purchased

oops, I just tried to get the 25 blocks @benhanna, and I seemed to add them to the cart, hit the download button and


Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_affiliate_log_debug() in /home2/digital8/public_html/ on line 15*

ah! but, in my feeding frenzy, I appear to have…er, possibly, already downloaded them before…
umm… possibly twice…
and sorry Ive not been around, run out of mobile data.

I should be back online again tomorrow (some time) but _ I will then also be away , in a field, with a caravan, doing a show with !!

so catch you all again shortly :slight_smile:

@schpengle Thanks fir heads up, fixed

Ha! my Bug Busting Empire continues to spread its infectious ways :smiley:

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Just released an update to this with 60 more blocks added, bringing total number of blocks to 300…you can use this code for $5 off until midnight sept 11th


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