Plugins Install?

Hi there guys, i bought a sub for Pinegrow and i found out some free plugins on and i have no ideea how to install them, can someone help please?

Thank you so much and have a great day :slight_smile:

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@benhanna is the man behind this website.

There are various ways to install blocks due to the way Pinegrow handles load as library and its caused some issues for users on the forum, so I’ll let benhanna explain or have a read of these posts

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Thank you Jack_Clarity :), is there a way to add some other libraries and plug-ins beside the “default” ones in Pinegrow? Like jQuerry or other things like that?

Thank tou again for you reply :slight_smile:

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Hi @DurduSM I’ve no direct experience of loading 3rd party plug-ins that aren’t designed for Pinegrow, unless you’re referring to Jquery plug-ins that you manually add to the website using code/text editor.

Can you post a link to the exact plug-ins/libraries you have in mind?

Personally I’m not a fan of jquery plug-ins, I avoid them if possible, but I do remember reading posts where members have mentioned loading plug-ins, so maybe they will comment.

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howdy @DurduSM, here’s a bit more help too, keeping it a bit simpler.
if you get stuck for information on things you can also check out

and enter your search term in the top search box :slight_smile:

so, after you have got you shiny new plugins, following on from

you then go to the Pinegrow menu, File/Manage Libraries & plugins

scroll down to the bottom (there is is a scroll bar on the right, that I rarely can see!)
click Load Plugin (Or…LIbrary! I’m never sure! if people call thier thing a plugin, I click Load Plugin, if they call it a library, I click, Load Library

it will give you a scary warning about breaking Pinegrow if not a proper library, well, … feel the fear and do it anyway!


then AFTER You do that… it STILL WONT WORK AS… you now have to ACTIVATE IT!
as shown here

, so, AFTER you have added the plugin you must then ACTIVATE it! its a two stage process.
You can play with this, say, for instance you have a bootstrap blocks project and you then deactivate the Bootstrap blocks plugin? well… there they are!.. GONE!

so that is the beginners guide.
So ,after Adding the plugin, THEN Activating it,
you should THEN SEE @benhanna’s free Cards appear in your library.

its not automatice.
otherwise ALL projects would have ALL code installed! (bootstrap code, Foundation code etc etc, whether you wanted it or not! - so you just activate what you want and then only that code is added to your project :slight_smile: )

the stuff earlier posted by @Jack_Clarity is to explain what happens NExT , when you start creating things and moving them around from project to project etc. its a bit broken,

but just to get you going and playing with nice new shiny plugin libraries, this is the way to go!

and thanks to @Jack_Clarity for keeping this thorny subject live too :slight_smile:


Hope you had a great day DurduSM and we look forward to helping you further. :slight_smile:

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thank you so much @Jack_Clarity and @schpengle, i got the hang of Pinegrow a bit :slight_smile: .i really like it , think i shoult buy the full licence when i have the money but for now i will stay on the subsciption :D.
Thank you again guys, have a great day and a great week :slight_smile:

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Hey DurduSM, sorry for taking so long to get back I was busy updating this plugin so only getting to see this now. What plugin are you having issues with (if you still are)? There are install notes to follow for each plugin on the site also.

Hey! Well Done @benhanna, now THAT’s a lot easier :slight_smile: I just downloaded and installed your plugin demo blocks. Great!
I was suprised to see it appear right from the outseta, screen earlier, in my page set up than I expected, alongside bootstrap or Bootstrap blocks. I thought I would be activating it as a library AFTER creating amy page -even though I can ALSO do it this way by selecting a new page and managing libraries etc.

Thats impressive :slight_smile:

oh! and thank you for the demo! will play with them later. I immediately liked the contact block.

New install video added on youtube

It’s for chocka blocks but applies to most plugins

and another in-depth guide here

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