Bootstrap Blocks, Content 1-8 not responding as expected

Good day All,

I am relatively new to Pinegrow and Bootstrap blocks in general and I think I have bitten of a bit more than I can chew.

Currently I am in the process of redesigning our company’s website as a wordpress template to use - no luck getting away from wordpress here…

Please see the following workflow for a duplication of the issue I have (PG 3):

  1. Creating a brand new blocks for wordpress page.
  2. Add a single element, “Content 1-8”
  3. Save and open in wordpress (Clean install, latest version)
  4. Create 4 "Blocks page"s. Title,feature image and text.
  5. Save and load page.

I am encountering the following issue: Everything works perfectly as one would expect, however if you look closely within PG there is 4 different layouts under each of the tabs, but under wordpress all the tabs have identical layouts (Tab 1).

For the life of me I can not figure out how to fix this or what I am missing. I love the layout of tab 3 “Bootstrap” and would love to use that for all 4, but before I get ahead of myself I first need to first at least get it to work as is.

I would really appreciate any pointers on this.