3rd party/Animate It plugin

Just wondering if anybody has thoughts on the plugin by @benhanna (https://pluginsforpinegrow.com/) “pg-animate-it”.

I bought it, and some of Ben’s other plugins years ago—and it still works in version 6.6, but his page is no longer around, and it seems like something similar to this should just be built-in to Pinegrow. (please think about it Matjaz)

I had the PG Interactions Add-on, but honestly, I didn’t feel it was worth a subscription for doing simple fade-ins and transitions.

Long way of asking if anyone has/uses any additional plugins they would recommend.

Hi @SteveH ,

I purchased also some stuff from this guy, but he never updated anything despite his promises.

If you only need simple transitions:

But if your in for SVG animations and more complicated stuff I strongly recommend Pinegrow Interactions!



Thanks so much for the reminder… wow.js is a great little script.
And I agree, I was bit disappointed that Ben never was able to keep up with his plugins. I really like having the settings inside of PG.

If anybody knows of a nice PG plug-in please share it. I am more than happy to support the programmers who make my life easier!