Animation Plugin with Pinegrow 5


I’m considering purchasing Pinegrow but I can’t see anything that states it works with any Animation plugins. I’ve seen Animator Pro, but again nothing to state it works with Pinegrow version 5. Can someone please confirm if it works and also is this the best plugin to use to animate objects?


HI there @ash786, not to worry , I should think that it will be good for version 5 as the plugin developer is also one fhe Pinegrow Devs, so you should be good to go!

Thanks for the fast reply. Second part of the question: Is Animator Pro the only animation plugin for Pinegrow?

Well its the only official plugin…in that it has a user interface in Pinegrow with visual variable controls.
The manual is a little sparse, So you kind of have to work some of it out yourself.

But, Since pinegrow is just a pure html and css editing tool you are not limited to plugins any code you like, you can link into it and fire away! but you will not have bespoke PineGrow controls , just manual code editing.

Ah ok. I’m not a coder, so basically looking for a web design app / framework that I can use to create websites, have the flexibility of animations and then be able to grow with. Pinegrow seems to tick the boxes for a lot of that.

Yes well give it a go then :slight_smile: well done. There are also other tools for making funky animations and if they produce code that you can export then you have no problem sticking it into you site with Pinegrow :slight_smile:
The interface will take a little getting use too as there are quite a lot of options - and, you are not limited when it comes to code.
By that I mean, you can poach the code. you like to achieve an end aim and paste it into Pinegrow and. your good to go.
There is quite a friendly community here and so you can get help usually. sometimes there is a delay, depending on the type of question and don’t worry about not being a coder…yet :wink:

if. you end up funking about with web sites, it would really benefit you to learn just the basics. and using pinegrow can actually help this. as you copy code that does something you want, paste it into pinegrow and see where the variables appear in the interface.
and then you know what will happen in reverse when you are sliding things about, in order to get your end result.
Pinegrow can help you learn how to code. Thats how I started using it. :slight_smile: and there is a beginners channel here and all sorts. They can point in the right direction with things too.

Either way, good luck and I hope you give it a go. I need to be doing more with it at the moment too>
Right its nearly 1am here, so off to bed for me now.
Nighty night, wherever in the world you are.

Sorry schpengle, the Animator Pro plug-in DOES NOT work with Pinegrow versions above 2.x

Other than the CSS transforms and transitions available through the visual editor, Pinegrow 3.x, 4.x and 5.x have no built-in or plug-in animation abilities that I am aware of.

Of course, you can always use external libraries like animate.css, but you’ll have to add them manually.

eh? are you sure @Printninja? You tend to know your stuff, but are you on about AP 1 or 2?
Animator Pro 2 worked. well the last time I tried anyway, which has been a while. there was a bit of a hoo ha about it not working until the version 2 came out. You can always check in with @MhdAljuboori, who is the author. and find out. And by that I mean maybe he/another admin will reply, not that YOU have to :slight_smile:

Straight from the forest…

This is getting confusing. People are talking about PG3 compatibility, but we are on PG5. Is PG4 / PG5 to be ignored? I don’t get this …

Pinegrow 5 is the latest release (as of last week) of the Pinegrow software. The numbers denote different versions of the same program. Version 3 was a major update from version 2, with significant changes to the UI, and the Animator Pro plug-in was never updated to work with any version of Pinegrow after version 2. So the plug-in will not work with Pinegrow versions 3, 4 or 5.

I am not sure if it’s possible to get version 2 any longer, though I wouldn’t go back to such an early version of the software just for the sake of the Animator Pro plug-in. There are loads of CSS and JS animation libraries that will work with any version of Pinegrow. The only difference is you will have to add the classes to the items or code yourself. There won’t be any visual tools like with the Animator Pro plug-in, that was specifically written for Pinegrow.

Unfortunately, if you don’t understand code, you will find some things in Pinegrow more challenging - like adding external libraries.

Sorry there @Printninja, I think your mistaken, it DOES work with pinegrow 3 AND 4, so I’m ASSUMING,
Pinegrow 5.

Your reference is correct at the time of posting (oct 2017) and says it merges two threads,
mine is NOVEMBER 2017 (wow, a whole 4 weeks later) and for some reason… wasn’t merged, so yeah, Confusing.

No need to go all retrograde on version installing, it’s all good :slight_smile:

see here

and here

So the link sending is for those who have purchased it
and it is for


which is different to ANIMATOR … which was free

So there you go @ash786 I hope that clears things up.

if I’m wrong, I stand to be corrected, but
the info is here

and here are some screen shots of Animator PRO installed in my Pinegrow Version 5.
But… I’ve not done it any justice yet.
SO I MIGHT play with it later :slight_smile:

SO here it is listed in my plugins,

(Note FESTIVE Santa hat for maximum mirth and Merriment)

Activating it requires the automatic installation of waypoints
and takes place when you ACTIVATE the plugin

like this

and TADA!! here it is, installed in my PineGrow 5.
oh! you have to click on the image to see it full size WITH the animator pro bit. weird.

SO, if I’m missing something, sort me out :slight_smile:

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Wow! Okay, apparently now I stand corrected. When I originally investigated this plug-in around a year ago, it was said to only be working in ver 2.x. Very confusing. But this is good news for all concerned.

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Strangely, there is no mention on the Animator Pro website what versions of Pinegrow are supported.

yeah I know. The only reason I knew first hand is because I used to chat to @MhdAljuboori before he was a pinegrow dev, on the slack channel :slight_smile:

I was user number 11 signing up for slack :smiley: I have NO idea how many are on there now.
it was around 2.5k last time I looked.

I just found slack AND forum too much.
I saw no point in me using the forum when I had slack!

Then Slack started deleting old posts once we hit 10, 000 messages.
so I then saw no point in using slack :smiley:

and @MhdAljuboori is very pleasant and helpful and I see how any confusion is obvious as your Link info is
TOTALLY correct… in Oct

but it was then updated in Nov! but not added to that link.
And I have it installed.
but NOT worked with it in 5 yet. I will try and get around to it later, but HEY! There you go, @Printninja
you now get to have nice PRESENT FROM SANTA

for your Pinegrow!

Animated PrintNinjaPineHounds all the way!


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Just purchased the plug-in. Will install later tonight and advise.


excellent - as your far more experienced and talented than I gunga-din, so send us your review and some funky code to play with that you find particularly fab!

and great, new toys for you :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. Look forward to seeing your findings.

an unnecessary one, especially for @Printninja … to be honest.

This is one of those generous acts of great guys who should immediately end in a refund - the sooner the better. If someone is not a “coder (whatever this will mean)” - he’s wrong here anyway. The “we need a tool for this and that and the other” attitude reminds me on

body {
transform: rotate(180deg)

for: “Client wants to have something cool and fancy and outstanding new”



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Hey Thomas, ash786 is a potential customer/buyer here. I think you should not be deliberately saying -If someone is not a “coder (whatever this will mean)” - he’s wrong here anyway.- Maybe he would like to become one, or maybe he is an expert coder but finds handy to have an animator plugin. The thread here is whether it works or not… not whether you should be here (coder) or not (non coder)…

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