A bunch of Bootstrap HTML 5 resources & template - ALL FREE!

The first link is an awesome package of 100 templates, all FREE!

https://themewagon.com/themes/template-collection-2017/?ref=twpromo-top (note, you don’t need to send an actual tweet, just click the button and close the popup window, and the download will start)

These sites also have a lot of great, free templates.


https://www.themezy.com/ (some of the templates here tend to be older, and not as professional, but free is free!)

https://tympanus.net/codrostrong textps/?s=website+template&search-type=posts


Well! these are pretty damned awesome!
Ive downloaded the first collection of 100 and all of the ones in the second link… Now to set aside the rest of my life to plough through them.

Its awesome checking them out in Pinegrow.

Just unzip, drop them in my AMPPS www folder
(worth checking out if you have never heard of it - I know I hadn’t! - http://www.ampps.com )

then happily click each Sites Ammps subdirectory entry to check them out in my browser - then if I like it, open it as a project in Pinegrow.


thanks so much for these finds.

mmm… and since there simply isnt enough dull things to do in a day…

I thought I would fool around with batch renaming these directories (100 of them) and then replace all the spaces between the numbers with underscores (I might change them to dashes later)

and after hunting around I decided to use this long convoluted thing, as opposed to a cryptic bash shell command, as I can…nearly… read it to make sense of it.

anyway, this also finds spaces in files names.
This I thought would be handy, as I would be running it on a web server.

there are some file names with spaces in them. ie, in the collection of 100 templates, number 98 has 4 icon files with spaces in the icon files.


some thing.png

Not so good. so I ran this, replaced them and then they broke, but Tra la la la lee…
Firing up Pinegrow and finding the broken images in the visual editor … then editing their parameters in the asset/css managing bit… oh my! what a joy :slight_smile:

I kinda understand what you’re doing, but I haven’t looked closely at all the files and folders yet. So far I only downloaded and unzipped everything. Usually, If I’m going to do any kind of batch renaming of files, I use Adobe Bridge because it has a good renaming tool built into it, but I’m not sure how it would handle the things you’ve mentioned here. Something to spend some time with when I don’t have a million other more pressing things to do. Like organizing my collection of 40,000 fonts lol!

So this Ampps software is kind of like a local web server on your desktop? Is that the idea? I’m looking at their website, but I don’t quite understand it. It seems like it duplicates some of the functions of C-panel, in terms of allowing you to install third party scripts into your website directory. I guess I’ll just download, install and play around with it.

pretty much, as in the same genre as XAMPP, MAMP, not sure about flywheel but yes.
It installs the full AMP stack (Apache, MySql, PHP) on your local machine in an easy to maintain package.
Your could tinker with the locally installed stuff if you want (on Mac and Linux etc) but this is a bit of a shiny utility.
but, as you notice, this ACTUALLY INSTALLS A CPANEL kind of affair too! with, If I remember, something along the lines of the Softaculous one click installer for locally installing apps and such like to your local Webserver.


I have used MAMP Pro for years, but I am trying this out and I do like some of the stuff a lot more.
but, as with everything, I’ve not really destruction tested it. as of late.

talking of which I must now dash, as my oldest mate failed Destruction testing a few weeks ago :frowning:
I am now on the way to his funeral/cremation :frowning:

this is one of main reasons I have not been on here much lately. sorry about that.

And it’s such a glorious sunny day here in South Wales, UK>… its been that way more or less since he passed.
This Must be Summer in Wales then. I guess that means Autumn in a few days around here!
Once the rains start again.

Oh well, the big wheel turns and everything just carries on as before… ok till laterz

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Really sorry to hear about your loss. :cry: I lost my closest friend about 30 years ago and I still mourn him on some days, so no need to apologize. Life isn’t fair. We have to take the rainy days with the sunny ones.

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I forgot to mention that I already have an actual webserver that I pay for annually through Hostgator, which has C-Panel and a ton of 1-click installs on it. It’s where we host all our client’s websites. So probably I could use it rather than installing another piece of software on my poor, overburdened computer. :smile:

yeah you could do it that way, but you probably know, the proper thing , apparently is to dev locally, then migrate to the live server when done, or an transitional staging server which mimics the live server prior to deployment.
the AMPs thing is rather a shiny way to do this WITH what appears to be a form of a panel =
installed LOCALLY. now THAT Have never seen with anything else before!

ah@ was about to take a screen shot.
mines not working properly. oops.
must check something…tomorrow…welll, after camping…

I found very good quality themes of different categories

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Sorry i know this thread is old, but this post made me laugh. Used a “Long Convoluted Thing” <-- which is a bash script --> vs “cryptic bash shell command” :rofl:

As Generic As Possible

replace spaces with _ in directories.

find . -depth -type d -name ‘* *’ -execdir bash -c ‘for i; do mv “i" "{i// /_}”; done’ _ {} +

Files with spaces & code change

while read line; do mv “line" "{line// /_}”; spaceFile=$(basename “line"); newFile="{spaceFile// /_}”; while read i; do sed -i “s#$spaceFile#$newFile#g” “$i”; done < <(grep -rl “$spaceFile” *); done < <(find . -type f -name “* *”)

Commands above are lightly tested & functioned for me BUT i cannot be held accountable if your server suddenly becomes a fish and your cat eats said fish and dies which causes your wife to leave you because you killed her favorite cat!

OH my eyes…my EYES!!..I’ve only just woke up, my right eye was already weird after a late night of upside down, under a bench rewiring… and now I just tried to read this.

I shall return…when I can see better…and maybe function some. IT looks like…


…and it appears I had a hand in it. Eek. I must return soon to face the mockery.
In other news, I have just fired up my 5TB of External disk storage for the first time in …I honestly don’t know how long. Woo hoo.

It’s techie spring clean Time :slight_smile:

…mmmmm… funny… I seem to have lost the cat… maybe its in a cupboard…after my spring cleaning attempt…mmm, aquarium looks quiet too…I guess the fish must be hiding…behind a rock or something, I’ll check later, after I find the cat, but first, just have to finish this techie spring cleaning, before the Mrs gets back.
…From the shops… with the fish food.
As she said it looked hungry…

Hope that eye is better & that your wife came home and fed the fish & let the cat out the cupboard.

Thank you for the reminder, regarding 5TB external storage that i keep forgetting to hook up!

The funny thing about bash commands is that you can put them in a so called file just like that “Long Convoluted Thing” that you had used.

if you would like i can make it a script and drop a link to it here. Unless of course you will never need to remove white spaces from directory names again.

I just saw your May post, I’m sorry for your loss brother.

# Semi Useful Breakdown of The Command
Explain Shell <-- For some reason i have to scroll to the bottom of the page and back up before it lines up

ooh Ta for all that and Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:
I shall check that link out now, forthwith, not withstanding delays of course :slight_smile:


Handy link! thinks. Explain shell… still looks as mind boggling as a man page (I’m sure they are written for robots.)
But …interesting. I will play with that cheers.