A new Kid on the block -Anima

Hi guys, just saw this posted on the Cockatoos forum (the independent forum set up after the crash and burn/demise of Macaw development and its forum) and thought I’d share it, as its good to know what other things are going on in the world, as well as our happy Pinegrow bubble :slight_smile:


It looks interesting… I might get a version of sketch some day but that will be when I start using a newer OS as my version is WAY OLD.

Interesting UI, since we were chatting about that, in another thread. However, I read the words it says and … I cannot help but be reminded of Macaw and its promises…

And the code view looks EEK!. and do you have to … download it?

The Blog description is interesting though, as is their current Sketch plugin here

I’ve used it. It is pretty nice if you have a very static page and do not want much customization. Getting some of the effects you want without code takes more time than it would had to just write the code. I feel it is more geared towards people who never want to touch any code ever. Sketch is pretty awesome, I use it to design my final look then code it.

This is a Mac only software and it seems Sketch is a subscription model for cloud access. If anyone is looking for a windows software this is not that.

yeah, hi there. Yep, both Sketch and Macaw were Mac only apps, and cockatoos was based on the latter so this was geared only towards that OS.