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DW, vs Coda, vs Pinegrow etc?

My old DW CS3 is broken, but I’m used to the DW interface for 10 years.

I don’t want to pay the extorionist/ Price gauging Adobe ($240 year after year), so I peeked to today at Pinegrow and Coda. Coda looked a lot more like DW. It’s preview was normal whereas Pinegrow’s preview was wacky looking.

But I did not see an equivalent Design view, in Coda. Is Coda the most DW looking of the alternatives or is there a closer software to DW?

I do pay Adobe $10 every month for PS – the photographer bundle. Is there a better deal I can get on DW, as I currently subscribe to that? Or with student rate? Or some idea how to get DW CC better priced than the overpriced standard price?

Once you stop paying Adobe all the software stops working and you have to uninstall.
If you pay the stand alone price for Pinegrow you get to use it forever and you get 1 year of updates which can be renewed for additional years for far less than Adobe’s yearly fees. Depends on the subscription.

If you check out the company Serif and their Affinity line of software you can get Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer which has many Photoshop type of features without the bloat. Though it really depends on what it is you are using Photoshop for. You can get their software for less than Creative Cloud and they do not expire.

Dreamweaver has been consistently reduced in features that it become unusable for me in any real way years ago. I can not help you with finding a clone of what you are used to, there really isn’t that I am aware of exact feature to feature match.

Pinegrow is the closest real world current standards compliant web design tool available that is not tied to a specific framework. This allows the freedom of choice with how you choose to create your site designs.

Anything Adobe CS5 and below is no longer standards compliant and should not be used. Once Creative Cloud Subscription took over Adobe’s business model they eliminated the ability to activate stand alone applications you purchased on physical media. So ALL stand alone software once it became unactivated or you had to reinstall there was no way to make it work, legally anyway.

Make sure that you convert all your Dreamweaver Templates to HTML because there is no conversion and once you stop your subscription Dreamweaver will stop working and you will lose all access to their proprietary file formats. Their version of DWT does not conform to standards compliant DWT files and are Adobe specific so export ALL your source files to raw html or you will have no access to them.

Adobe CS6 products (at least PS and AI) work without subscription. I don’t use Dreamweaver, but I’d assume the C6 version would also work. Not sure if you can purchase a CS6 Dreamweaver (why would anyone want to?) but it can be "obtained’ without a huge effort.

I’m on PC, so I can’t comment on Coda, but Pinegrow is light years beyond Adobe DW. Unless I’m mistaken, Coda is not a visual builder, so it’s rather different than PG and DW. Pinegrow lets you build however you feel most comfortable. You can use its visual tools, work in its code-view windows, or link up an external code editor (which is how I work) like Atom or VisualStudio.

I’ve heard some Mac users I know speak highly of Blocs, which is a Boostrap visual builder for the Mac, but if you’re going with Bootstrap, (and don’t want to go with Pinegrow, which would be my first choice), Bootstrap Studio is a pretty powerful visual builder that gives you a fair amount of control over the code, though nothing like Pinegrow. It’s been so long since I even opened Dreamweaver I can barely remember what it was like to work with it (other than that it was headache-inducing.)

I think Pinegrow is pretty much the best all-around website builder on the market today. There are only a couple of other programs out there that compare in features, flexibility, and can output clean semantic code, and none of them are as inexpensive. Webflow costs more, locks you into their cloud model, and you can’t import sites. Wappler costs considerably more and isn’t as polished or powerful. If you’re only interested in Bootstrap, Bootstrap Studio is a powerful and inexpensive program that produces clean, semantic code, but it can’t import sites.

Basically, nothing out there can touch Pinegrow, although Pinegrow isn’t perfect. There’s no built-in FTP, it doesn’t come with templates, and if you want to do e-commerce, blogging, or anything involving a database, you’ll need to go with Pinegrow’s Wordpress version.