Ability to turn on and off PG update notices

The other day I was showing some work to a client and the upgrade notification came on. Normally, no biggy. In other software I’d just ‘shoo it away’. But this thing was hanging around like a bad smell. And it was starting to drive me crazy that I couldn’t find anything in the very sparse ‘preferences’ where the off/on switch usually lives in other software.

So with that prelude, could somebody just add a on/off/snooze switch to these things. (I know—just getting offline solves it, but when I’m in the office, we’re on a network.)


or simply … updating the app? no more notifications, until the next update :slight_smile:

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Or simply following the example set by Firefox who gives the user options. Many other software vendors do similar. Not hard to do.

My answer was a little joke and of course we hear and understand your wish (and we take good note of it) but you can also understand that sometimes (and I’m speaking globally here, not just for this specific request), for various reasons, we want to do as we want and not necessarily as others do :slight_smile: