These pop-ups are distracting

the popup window that appears whenever i do basic actions in PG is front and center, right in my face and obtrusive.

how do i move or suppress this constant feedback?

i would prefer it to be on a status line on the bottom of the screen like so many other UX designs.

it appears a feature request has all ready been started

Message Panel to contain ALL popupsCapture

From your keyboard to the devs ears! We’ve been complaining about Pinegrows obtrusive notification widows for some time now on other threads.


Yeah… the constant pop-ups make me want to put my fist through the monitor. Please add an option to block all messages or put it somewhere that isn’t right in my face. Thanks!

Don’t understand why it’s so hard for the devs to just add an option to disable notifications. Most software has this feature. A simply screen flash with a beep would be sufficient to convey, “no, you can’t do that.”

I actually don’t mind them,as a beginner ,as I keep forgetting things!
But the orange boxes “cannot edit dynamic elements” one which is ALWAYS popping up-when I’ve a basic html page.some bug I guess

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i noticed that when i’m trying to get focus on a PG window (i.e. clicking back to PG from another app) it makes a difference where i click.

if i click in the wrong place, PG throws this error because it thinks i’m trying to edit something.

what i found is that blank spaces at the bottom of either the visual editor or the tree panel will work to bring the focus back without throwing the error

so i learned not to click on the preview area and made a habit of it… i rarely get that error now.

Thanks,will try that.but I remember it endlessly doing it.drove me nuts.when I bet to working computer I will try-not this android tablet.
I should/could ask for an animator extension on my year.pretty please.
Bought animator addon -boom! No access to pinegrow to use it.
Boo hoo

All professional software should have the option to disable alerts/warnings. Power users shouldn’t have to put up with such silliness.

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I see there is a post for this in the “feature request”, just ask people to add a plus there and if it finds consensus I guess devs will see into this.
So everyone who wants control over notification please show yourself there.

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I’ve never seen anyone who actually LIKES this particular implementation of warning style (something that keeps repeating, and blocks the work area.) I’ve used numerous programs that will throw up alert boxes that can be dismissed and have options like “do not show this error message again.” Most professional level programs (eg. Adobe products) simply allow you to turn off warnings in the preferences.

My request was (apparently) ignored by the developers despite many other people voicing similar requests in other threads over the last (at least) two years. I can’t believe they are unaware of how the customers feel. I can only assume that it’s either not a big priority to them, or would involve such a significant amount of work they feel the costs aren’t worth the benefits.

I never seen anyone who LIKES notifications :slight_smile: They’re always a compromise between disturbing the user and keeping them informed about what’s going on.

This is coming in the next update:

The messages are smaller, start from the bottom, show on the opposite side of where the mouse moves over the UI and dissapper on mouse over.


thank you, that’s much better.

can’t wait for next update.

Can they be disabled entirely through an option in the preferences? That would be a truly useful solution.

Have you ever used an Adobe product? All of their warning boxes have button options that say, “do not show this notification again.” They also allow global disabling of warning messages, which are replaced by a beep and screen flash. This the perfect solution, so I don’t see why any compromise is necessary. Just give power users the choice.