ACF and Pinegrow Questions

Hi there,

I am trying to connect and display multiple ACF fields in my theme using Pinegrow and ACF Plugin. However, it seems like not many types of ACF fields are supported with Pinegrow.

I tried multiple different things, and only got text, text area and url to work with Pinegrow. But when using an Image ACF field or File ACF Field, these don’t seem to be supported.

From my understanding there are two different options you can use in Pinegrow to connect certain Elements in your Website to ACF Fields:

  1. ‘Display ACF Field’ Action
  2. ‘Post Field’ Smart Action

Whereas the latter can only be used on posts when using the ‘show posts’ smart action. Since I want to use various ACF also on static pages (like About or Contact page), I can’t use a Show Posts smart action.

That’s why I am using the ‘Display ACF Field’ Action but it seems like besides text and url no other ACF fields are supported.

Is that true? Or is there any workaround?