ACF basic question

Hello, I’m a newbie on WP and on website building…
I added a custom field to the post via ACF. In Pinegrow, how do I include the custom field in the loop?
Many thanks

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Maybe you can have a look at our documentation here:

or here


Thank you, I will try to manage with those. What I try to do is more simpler, it’s something like “IF have_comments” but for ACF, IF ACF then show content… Is it possible simple, or do I have to use taxonomy? Thanks

Hello earnoud, I try to study those two tutorials, but they are too complicated for my level yet…
What I try to do is to display text that is in a ACF’s field < information_supplementaire > I created.
I add PHP Code < the_field(‘information_supplementaire’) >, hoping it would work.
Do I need to add a loop to make it work? What is the good way of just displaying ACF fields with Pinegrow?
Thank you in advance.