Custom fields with PODS

Hi all, does anyone have experience with custom fields managed by Pods? I’ve read a few things here and there about Pods [], and it seems like a good alternative to ACF. So, I was wondering if it works well with Pinegrow as well. I’m finally starting to build my first WordPress site, and I plan to create it entirely with Pinegrow. Hopefully, @adamslowe WordPress course will give me a clear understanding of how to do things properly.

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On the documentation, it says:

How to Display

Display with PHP: pods_field_display()

echo pods_field_display( 'my_text_field' );

On Pinegrow you can call this function with both the Function action and the PhP Code action.


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You can also use the generic get_post_meta() Function, which is what the Post Field smart Action uses when you don’t select “Use ACF”


It give you some of the advantages of pods_field_display() for the more complex field types, but it works well for 80% of the things you’ll probably want or need.