ACF blocks not showing up

I have an issue where, in the ‘new’ block action the ACF blocks I create don’t show up (the block istelf is an option in gutenberg but when added is completely blank). Or am wrong in assuming Pinegrow exports the templates of these blokcs automatically and do I have to create them manually (by using the template part block actionf or instance) first?

(I used to do it this way with the ‘old’ block action that was exclussively based on ACF so I assumed this step wasn’t necessary anymore. Am I wrong?)

I’m trying to make them work inside a plugin by the way. Not sure that this is relevant but I’m including this information anyway.

Do you have added a field group with field to the block?

No, I haven’t, though normally, these ACF blocks can work without any ACF fields added to them.

ACF Blocks without fields makes no sense. Then just use PHP Blocks.

I was going to add them later, I was just saying that whether they are in it or not, the block should display regardless. And it isn’t displaying. Adding ACF fields to it won’t make the block visible, that was my point.

ah sorry, misunderstood that.

@Roel can you please send your project to and we’ll take a look. The action should export the ACF template for the block.

Hi, this is a bit of a late response but I fixed it (though it does appear that, jf ACF blocks was not selected as the default block method, selecting it does not seem to work)