Is there a bug with blocks (ACF)?

Hey ,
I was about to use blocks with the latest version of afc pro but it does not display on the front page anymore.

Everything is working in the back-end but the block is not showing on the front-end.
I had not used blocks in a while so i am unsure if there is a bug with the latest version of acf or wordpress.

Even without adding the custom fields the static block it does not show in the front-end it only shows in back-end.

ACF blocks created with the last version of ACF Pro and Pinegrow are fine.
Are you sure that you have added the necessary smart actions (loop main, post content …) ?

Note: I just did a very quick test before answering you and the result is perfectly fine.

Thanks for the reply!
I guess it must be on my end then , at least i know where the problem is now.