Add class to Bootstrap Navbar li a (for page-scroll)

Good morning everyone,

I’m having an issue with the Bootstrap navbar: I assigned the WP-Action ‘NAV Menu’ to the ‘Navbar section’. All working fine - it loads the primary menu as asked.

But the problem is that I’m creating a one page with a page-scroll class. I already tried to assign that class using the WordPress Menu add CSS class option (in WordPress itself). But that doesn’t work since it assigns the action to the element li instead of the underlaying a.

I guess I can inject that class to every nav li a using jQuery, but I was wondering if it cannot be done in Pingegrow itself?

$( “nav li a” ).addClass( “page-scroll” );

Thanks all for the help.

Maybe I misunderstood, but did you select the link element from the tree and add the class in the properties > style pane on the left side of Pinegrow interface? You can verify the generated code in PHP code preview (command+p)