Show live "added class" on an element while scrolling

Hi together,

I got a simple Question.
While I’m scrolling my Page, I see on Chrome-DevTool the new class that will added to an Element.
For my case …
Where I could see this in Pinegrow?
The Tree and the Code-Editor in Pinegrow does not change.

Thank you

Hi @lessram,
Can you clarify your question a little bit? Do you mean classes that get added through JavaScript as you scroll the page?

Yes an added class by JavaScript - on click or scroll - something like that

Yes and no. If you have JavaScript active on the page you can do an inspect of the element before and after the action to see the change. So, for example if you open the page in Pinegrow using the “Open url…” under the file menu and then click on the first element of the class toggle indicators at the top:Users_robertmeans_Desktop_froala-design-blocks_mapped_urls_scrollmagic_io_examples_basic_class_toggles_html-Pinegrow_Web_Editor-_WP
Then look at the style attributes before you scroll by the trigger you will see:

Now if you scroll down past the trigger and select the element again you will see the attributes have changed

But they will only change if you reselect, not automatically. Hope this helps.

Ahh okay.

A bit awkward but okay… Maybe it could be an upcoming new feature. This will help so see the behavior of the page in some cases. Now I have to know where the Element got the changing class.

Thank you Rob for the fast reply.