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Set an anchor link in a landing page


Hi everybody
I’m new to Pinegrow and come from Dreamweaver.
I mostly build landing pages for my customers so all the menu links are referred to a div of the page.
I wonder how to set an internal link, even using the old anchor code, in Pinegrow.
Now I put an anchor in the desired section and call it, for instance, gallery1, then on the menu I select an item and put inside it a #gallery1 href link, relative, but when I click on the item nothing happens.
Thank you in advance for your reply.


Is there no way to navigate inside the same page? Please if it is impossible reply NO and I’ll leave.
I’ve seen that to redefine media query breakpoints it’s impossible, for instance.


@Francesco Hi. I’ll have a go at getting this to work and let you know how I get on. I’ll leave feedback shortly just thought I’d let you know before you give up on it.


Hi @Francesco. So I set up a new page with containers, rows, columns repeated just to add some length to the page when viewed in the browser. I picked a random column and right clicked > edit code and added id=“testAnchor1” to the opening div element. Then I added the Bootstrap Navbar from the library and selected the second link in the Navbar and double clicked to add the link to the id I had just added to the column, clicked done and saved then previewed in my browser. Much to my surprise it didn’t work! When I inspected the code it seems the link hadn’t saved so I tried it again but still go the same result. So then I decided to right click on the link then edit code and add the link directly to the source code, save and preview in the browser and it worked. Odd behaviour from PG but this way of doing works. Hope this is of help to you. Let me know how you get on if you try this or if you have any more questions just ask.


@Francesco here’s a link to what I did Set an anchor link in a linking page demo


Hi @Rob
This is something I do a lot with no issue from the PG Ui. Give a div and ID (say content-1-2) then select the text that is to be the anchor text - double click to enter edit mode and set as link and enter the id #content-1-2 as the hrf


@Rob thank you, it works!

@Simmo, I need a little space on top of the page when the page scrolls down, so it’s better if I don’t anchor words but the beginning of the divs. Thank you anyway.


@Francesco - I think you misunderstood me - my reference to anchor words is to the text you use as the clickable link not where the page scrolls to - if you link to the id the page will scroll to the top of the div. You can also change the soft scroll settings in the bskit_scripts.js file if you need to fine tune the position of the scroll to account for a fixed nav bar or similar.


@Simmo, you are right, I misunderstood and the other instruction on scroll settings is very helpful: Thank you! :slight_smile:


@Simmo Good to know it works for you the way its supposed to for you when adding a link within PG UI. I think @Francesco might have the same issue then. Probably to random to troubleshoot!


@Simmo. Thank you. This was helpful.