Add JSX option to block action

Relatively recently, ACF added the option to use innerblocks inside ACF blocks. For this to work, the block needs to be registered with the JSX option set to “true” like in the example below:

acf_register_block_type( array(
	'title'			=> __( 'About', 'client_textdomain' ),
	'name'			=> 'about',
	'render_template'	=> 'partials/blocks/about.php',
	'mode'			=> 'preview',
	'supports'		=> [
		'align'			=> false,
		'anchor'		=> true,
		'customClassName'	=> true,
		'jsx' 			=> true,

It would be nice if that option was included into the block smart action to allow to do this the “pinegrow” way. For now, when I want to use the innerblocks feature, I have to revert to using my old method of creating ACF blocks with Pinergrow, namely by saving the page as a template partial and then registering the block manually. This not a huge dealbreaker but it would be so much more convenient if it was included, hence why I request the feature.

Have a good day!


Roel Van Eyken