Poll: Are you using custom blocks in your WP projects?

WordPress builders, are you creating custom Blocks for your WordPress projects (with or without Pinegrow)?

If no, why not?
If yes, how are you building your blocks? Native React-based process, dynamic blocks, ACF PRO…?

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I am (as you may remember).
It so happens I just uploaded a showcase of one I build not too long ago on another thread.
I’ll just link it here:

Made with Pinegrow (showcase your work) - Showcase - Pinegrow Community Forum

They’re made with ACF pro and Pinegrow’s goodness.
Though I have to say I did not use the ‘block’ action with this one as it required Inneblocks. Innerblocks can only work when you specify an option to allow JSX in the block, which I can’t do with the standard pinegrow ‘block’ action. So I had to register it manually (would be nice if you could add that option to the block action though). -

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Yes, but it’s way too time-consuming to build them directly with Javascript so we use Lazy Blocks Plugin which allows for creating blocks with PHP. I’m excited to try PGs new Gutenberg’s block creater since it no longer requires ACF.

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