AI Assistant in the new Pinegrow 7.2 & WP Plugin

Hi, Matjaz from Pinegrow here.

Pinegrow Web Editor 7.2 is available for download. Besides bug fixes, it has one major new tool - the AI Assistant .

The AI Assistant is powered by OpenAI API (you need your own OpenAI account to use it, for now) and knows how to transform HTML and CSS, insert new elements, generate whole pages, create variations of existing elements and much more. The assistant is included in all Pinegrow editions.

Besides being useful for many tasks, it is also a lot of fun to play with.

Pinegrow AI Assistant is also available in Pinegrow WordPress Plugin 1.0.8. It is a very cool tool to have running in the browser, self-hosted on your WordPress site(s).

We prepared an in-depth guide on how to use the AI Assistant effectively.

Meet your AI Assistant »

Download Pinegrow 7.2 or Pinegrow WordPress Plugin 1.0.8 to get started.

In other news, we recently updated our Visual Studio Code extension to version 0.0.8. The extension enables live sync between Pinegrow and Visual Studio Code. The update fixed issues with paths on Windows. If you are on Windows and experienced problems with using the extension before, this is a good time to give it another try.

Have a great day!
Matjaz and the Pinegrow Team


call the cops! you guys are killing it!


Can’t wait for the day AI will be able to look at my coding style and rapidly develop the way I like. Right now it will probably be more work than help, but the AI space is moving fast, maybe in a couple of years it will be worth the time.

I’d love to hear any use cases that AI helps with in the meantime.

Personally, I’m most excited about the bug fixes :sweat_smile: because that will actually help my development speed.


This is Crazy AF!!!

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OpenAI requires a Mobile Phone number to register for an account to try it out.

I don’t have one, and , even if I did, I wouldn’t be supplying it to some random site, in order to test some new random yet exciting looking feature out.

They say its for their security/privacy concerns.

Well, Im actually only concerned about my own privacy! :slight_smile:
Hence, no mobile phone.

Ive contacted them to see if there is a way to proceed with this, citing my obvious reality/existence and identity on here,

Watch this space, to see if I can check this possibly exciting new feature out.

What says you have to give them a real mobile number. I’m asking from the position of not actually have even tried to register but my standard response top such requests is to make one up.

Ah had a look and answered my own question. Fortunately in my case the dog has it’s own mobile phone. Don’t ask. Well ok then the dog , a Saluki prone to wandering off, has a tracking collar and by extension a phone on which it can be tracked.

Ah well, yes, that’s rather Orwellian Dog Ownership for me :smiley:
And , by the same token that they require my email address and confirmation, That I can stretch too… I assume they will use… gulps AI to check and CORRECTLY IDENTIFY
me… and passport/social security…yadda yadda… then delete me if I accidentally mess up their code base :smiley:

…>Since I dont have a dog…an obviously testy, insanely curious one… and no phone,
so cant be tracked… by AI… they dont seem keen to let me play.

Pity, but there you go.
So. I wont be able to come out and play with the latest, scariest AI kid on the block.

… Frankly, Im kind of relieved, small price to pay for AI privacy.

Once you’ve lost a dog in 54,00 acres of French forrest in the middle of February knowing that night time temperatures can drop to well below freezing, getting a tracking collar for it didn’t seem to be that much of an intrusion on it’s privacy. That was ten years since, she’s now over 18 and still as much of a pain in that regard as she ever was.

@schpengle To close the digressions on the topic of privacy, of course, this feature is free, nothing is imposed and we understand perfectly the choice of those who do not wish to use it because they do not adhere to the conditions of registration and use of

Thank you for your understanding.

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How to popup Ai Assistant ?

@SOD, as per the docs…

Click on the icon next to the delete icon .

@SOD or press the / key.


Even easier :smile:

I had a quick play, avoiding the work I was suppose to be doing. Pretty cool so far.

HO, I don’t have this bar. The bar is hidden. How to show ?

fast way and easy , thanks :slight_smile: