Where is the AI Assistant?

The guide said it should appear on the “ridge menu” when you click on an element, but I don´t see a magic wand, for some reason, and it´s not in the main menu, as far as I can tell?

Using Pinegrow Web Editor - 5.972.

I think that was introduced with v7.2

Yeah, Pinegrow 5.xx is 4 years old, best to upgrade to the latest if you could.

I’m on v7.93 Pro/WP version and I’m missing the same AI Assistant “wand” tab at the top. I’ve been away from PG for a few months and wondering if I’ve switched something off somewhere, or missed feature notes about the AI wand tab? Any idea where it may have gone or what I need to switch on for it to appear? I correctly have the WP tab showing so most of it’s working well!
Would it help if I reinstalled v7.93 completely?

As does always happen after one has just written a forum note… I think I found the AI wand tab that wasn’t there initially. I went into one of the interactive tutorials and managed to turn on the AI wand tab via the first instruction. Should that turn on/off be available somewhere outside of the Tutorials though?.. thankyou…


You will find EVERYTHING about the AI Assistant (videos, documentation) in our dedicated documentation here:

Enjoy :wink: