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Animator PRO working with Pinegrow 3?


Before I buy it, I would like to know if Animator PRO is working well with Pinegrow 3?

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Have a look at


Thank you for your quick answer.


I paid for it when I had 2.91 anticipating it for 3.0. Although having to learn the new interface changes with 3.0, I have 2.91 downloaded too that Animator Pro work really good in. It’s a really well put together plugin and worth every penny. I’m looking forward to the integration in 3.0 but until then getting to know the overall functionality is really nice.


I just bought Pinegrow, signed up for an account and am interested in the Animator PRO plugin. Why can’t I view this link ===> “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!”


this is important for me too. why no response that we can see @earnoud ? the link goes nowhere.


It’s a link to the problem I had with it. It’s not compatible with Pinegrow 3.0+. I bought it with the intention of using in 3.0 and it doesn’t work at all. They said that there would be an update soon, but I have yet to receive one. It’s a great pluggin and worth every penny. I’m just new to Pinegrow and didn’t know I would have to use only in 2.9 when I purchased.


Thanks for the explanation. I still have yet to play with Pinegrow very much but I’ll keep on the lookout for an update to Animator Pro.


P.S. There is absolutely no support for this plugin. I tried to contact the author of it prior to purchasing and I received no communication. I wanted to make sure it worked with PG3. I purchased anyway and after PG3 was released I found out that it was not compatible. Since then they have added to the Animator Pro website that it’s not compatible but I’m basically stuck with a plugin that costs 1/3 of what I would’ve paid for the entire PG3 but it’s non functioning. I was told that the plugin would be “working soon” but that was 4-5 months ago. All I’ve been told is that it works in 2.9 and to use it in that, but I don’t want to have to learn 2 different interfaces just to use this plug-in. I have tracjed out and tried to contact the author for a refund because they were telling me it would be fixed soon but never was. I waited over 4 months for it to be resolved and it never was which took me beyond the 30 day refund period because I trusted they would have it working. I wasted $19 on a product that doesn’t even work and was very patient but they never got it to working. Due to lack of support, I have cancelled my monthly subscription to PG. The author of this plugin is a team member but my request for a refund has fell on deaf ears. Oh well. Lesson learned.


I’m sorry for the delay, I can do a full refund for you (I’m still working on it, have to change a lot of things since the new update has a lot of change for the plugin), and sorry for not replying but I just checked now, I don’t see your email. if you need a refund please send me another email at animator-pro[at] and I’ll do a refund as soon as possible.


If your subscription to Pinegrow was 100% conditioned to the use of this particular plugin with V3 only (which was not even released at the time of your purchase) and if you definitely do not want to use the rock solid version 2.951 to create cool animations, please, contact the Pinegrow support with your story and I’m sure we will find a solution to soothe your disappointment.



No…I ran into other problems using PG 3 that I just don’t have the time to check the forum for every little bug or fix. PG3 in my opinion wasn’t ready for release for purchase and should’ve been tested amongst the PG community. As far as a refund on a monthly subscription, no, I paid for what I got. I didn’t anticipate AnimatorPro to work as a condition of using PG3. I just feel I basically paid $8 a month to find your bugs and troubleshoot your program. $8x4months= $32 to learn a lesson. I’ll eat that cost…good day


To precisely answer you, this is why there is a 7-days TRIAL mode (which we can renew on request), so that each potential customer can get a clear idea of the operation and behavior of the application before any purchase.


As title, anyone purchased this plug in? looks like it could be a great purchase but be interested to hear from anyone that has used it?



Well I sent the creator of this plug-in an email, asking if it works with current version of PInegrow (which it does) but he was very kind to send me a coupon which allowed me to download the plug-in for free.



An update on this, as I’m now following the guides provided by the author, see here:

If you want to add some classy effects to your website, then I 100% recommend, I will hopefully update soon with an example website, as I’m improving my templates and making use of this plug-in.


You got it for FREE. :fearful: (kicks rocks, shucks)

I bought it at the same time I bought Pinegrow Pro. Makes for a nice combo, each was worth every penny. :heart_eyes:

I am just wondering how those whom bought it get news or info if it gets updated (those docs were not there in that capacity when I bought it)? Regardless it’s a nice addition to have. Perhaps Pinegrow 3 will have some further GUI integration for common frameworks, or perhaps AnimatorPro will advance further. I am always wishing for brighter futures and dreaming of features.

As the author of the thread (I think) you can change this over to the AnimatorPro Forum section, looks kind of lonely over there.


:grin: Yes buddy, I didn’t even ask! was only emailing (the author) to check the plug-in worked with the latest version, before I purchased.

The author did say he would try his best to keep it updated for future versions (of pinegrow), so it won’t do any harm if you contact him, maybe send him an email, just so he knows we want updates!

Have a read of the guides (for anyone considering to purchase) - makes a breeze of adding effects, for example you can experiment with the px size for scroll trigger, makes us look like js pro’s!


Yeah it’s a nice entry into a GUI for Animate.css and Waypoints which AnimatorPro is built upon (mentioned here).

Animate.css is pretty easy and straight forward to implement on its own. Waypoints is a bit more effort. But AnimatorPro Plugin makes for easy setup and usage of each in Pinegrow.

Edit: aninator-pro.js is using tram.js - Did it switch from using Animate.css , I don’t see it referenced? Now I am confused here. I’m gonna have to dig in, test and research things now. :flushed:


I should add (before anyone sends angry emails to the author!), that the coupon was only offered free as he was at an event of some sort (handing out coupons), so I was lucky I emailed at the right time.