Anyone Interested in a Animator Plugin?

I’m thinking about developing a animation plugin for Pinegrow 3 since the one isn’t working with it. Is anyone interested in this? Are there any features that you would love to see?

Other than working :wink: , how do you foresee yours differentiating from the present one ? Would it be similar, or approach things completely differently, have additional added features, more polished UI, etc., ?

Make it similar or even the same to the existing one would be a good start and go form there and keep it a simple as you can - I am very disappointed in the developer, @mhdaljuboori , of the existing one, animator pro for what appears to be the abandoning of the plug in with version 3 - I am hoping that he was saving it for the next version 4 which is currently i beta - one can only hope

@Simmo , I wouldn’t be so harsh. Just to be clear @mhdaljuboori is one of the developers with Pinegrow.

I for one am ok with, and would much rather prefer he focuses his efforts along with the rest of the Pinegrow team in working on the core of the apps structure, features, bug fixess, documentation, etc.

His extension just gives a GUI for common libraries [ Animate.css -/- Waypoints -/- tram.js ] that can be implemented without a GUI into any page by users.

@Pinegrow_User - not harsh really considering the promise made in slack about doing the upgrade which was back in September and the silence regarding this since.

AnimatorPro is already updated, please send an email to the animator-pro[at] so I can send you the download link.

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I also sent you an email. I did not receive any notice that it had been updated, thanks for letting us know here that you did update it.

Will it work with version 4?

Emails sent, you’ll receive it shortly :slight_smile:
Yes it will work on Pinegrow 3 and 4.

@MhdAljuboori - your ears must have been burning
@Pinegrow_User - as we speak - Cheers

Ahaha, my heart too, anyway it’s my fault.

Congratulations and thanks for the update @MhdAljuboori.

In reviewing the source for the “animator.js”, it makes two calls to CDN, and inside the “animator-pro.js” it still says “animator-pro.js v1.2”. So it appears the only thing that changed was a few tweaks to work with the updated Pinegrow v3 UI, along with some tweaks to its UI as well. At least that’s what it seems when running a comparison on the files.


Still nothing wrong with options and alternatives, so since you started this thread with the idea …


@MhdAljuboori - thanks for the update - will have a play in Beta 4 as well and let you know if there are any issues

I guess I will go ahead and try out the beta and if there’s anything I think I should change I will update this thread. I would rather not spend time writing this if there is already something out there that works.

I didn’t receive an email. I would greatly appreciate one :smiley:.

That’s not a very innovative approach, but I figured it would be the response if the existing one was updated. Good job calling bluff I guess, and getting that one released. :smirk:

That sounds like a challenge… I like challenges. I’ll see what I can do :smiley:

I am interested in all the features of Animator-Pro :slightly_smiling_face: but also in the importance of accessibility :nerd_face: In fact, when I use Animator-Pro, the VoiceOver tool does not work. It does not read the elements (text/alternative text) animated by this plugin :neutral_face:

I just bought the plugin but nothing happens after activation. It is updated for the lastest version of pinegrow 4?