What's the deal?

I received the following email today after having purchased PG Pro just yesterday. It is a good deal so I thought I would share.

What’s not a good deal is - if I read things right - I won’t be able to get Version 3 (coming in a few months) unless I pay more.

Can someone please tell me I’m wrong? I can purchase the “future upgrade” for the deal below today ONLY - however it’s not leaving a very pleasant impression. I haven’t even tried the program yet - and it’s costing a second payment. :frowning:


today is the last day of our special Thanksgiving / Black Friday offer with 50% off Pinegrow upgrades, license renewals and WP Starter Theme.

A tip: Click on the “Renew my license” link below to see your license info, including expiration date and license type.

Renew your license

You can renew your license in advance, and you can renew it multiple times. Each license renewal gives you another year of free updates.

Renewal price depends on the license type: Pinegrow standard for $12 (regular $25), PRO for $24 (regular $49) and PRO with WordPress for $37 (regular $74) for personal licenses. See renewal prices for all license types.

Renew my license »

Upgrade to PRO and WordPress Builder

You can upgrade to PRO or WP editions for just $25 (regular $50) for personal licenses. See prices for all license types. Upgrading the license to PRO or WP will also extend it for another year.

PRO edition adds a bunch of useful features to Pinegrow: Projects, Master pages, Smart components, Editable areas and CMS for static HTML websites. Learn more.

Upgrade to PRO »

WordPress Theme Builder add-on lets you visually build production-ready WordPress themes. Learn more.

Upgrade to WordPress Builder »

WordPress Starter Theme

Starter Theme lets you quickly build Bootstrap based WordPress themes with Pinegrow. Starter Theme comes with complete set of WordPress templates and support for Jetpack, WooCommerce and more.

Starter Theme requires Pinegrow PRO with WordPress Builder. The regular price is $59, here you can get it for $29:

Get Starter Theme »

About Pinegrow 3.0

We didn’t forget about it :slight_smile:

The main focus for Pinegrow 3.0 are new UI, new CSS / SASS / LESS editor and effeciency & speed. Relese is scheduled for begining of 2017.

Here’s a quick preview of new drag & drop that works with multiple selected elements.

Have a great day,
Matjaz & the Pinegrow team

Hi ShotGal,

As far as I’m aware, when you purchase any version of Pinegrow you receive free updates for a year, so that includes Pinegrow 3.0.

Thanks - I hope so…but I’ve asked support this question as well.

From the website -

Each product purchase gives you a license to use the current version of the program forever and includes one full year of free updates to your edition of Pinegrow.

I guess I was reading “updates to your edition” as - your version. Or misunderstanding.

In general every PG license comes with 1 year of free updates, including major versions like up-coming 3.0 update.

After this time is up, license can be renewed for another year of free updates.

That said, at the moment we have a special Black Friday / Thanksgiving 50% discount (ending today) for new licenses, with special terms: such license includes all updates to 2.x version, but it doesn’t include the free update to Pinegrow 3.0.

We made the special terms as clear as possible and list them in the email where deal is announced and on the page where deal can be bought.

Those that take this deal will also get a special discount for upgrading to 3.0, if they wish to do so. For example, if PG PRO 3.0 regular price will be $99 and now you get PG PRO 2 for $49, you’ll be able to upgrade to PG PRO 3.0 for $25 (50% of the price difference).

So with the current deal not only do you get the current version for a very affordable price, you also get further discount if you wish to use PG 3.0 when it comes out.

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My understanding is the same as Jack presented above.

Before ever buying Pinegrow and becoming a user I contacted support directly. I specifically asked about v2 to v3, and that too was the way they explained it to me as well. If that has now changed for existing users, I will be rather disappointed. But that is still my understanding presently.

EDIT: @matjaz cleared it up, disregard mine. :wink:

That said as a current user, those special terms, were not present in any of the correspondence I received via email, or process when using the same updates. So as stated by matjaz it seems to only apply to new users.

Honestly when it’s all said and done, regardless Pinegrow is worth it.

Well Shotgal looks like you was right…but don’t be disappointed as PInegrow in his current state is an absolute bargain and even without version 3, you still have software that is superior than Dreamweaver 2017 and you saved 50% so don’t stress!

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Hi PG user - looks like we’re in a state of confusion here (the beauty of online forums) but matjaz cleared things up, as its only the black friday sale versions that are restricted to 2.x version updates.

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Hey @jack Yeah I edited my post as soon as I posted and say @matjaz post, (see my edit above).

Thanks for the clarification - So I will still be able to move to V3 for $25 (when it comes out) - but there is no urgency to buy this upgrade immediately (the current expiring deal).

I’ve not even run the program yet so don’t want to feel compelled to pay additional fees if it’s not going to work out. FWIW I’m coming from Freeway Pro and trying a few different programs at the moment. The ability to open/edit a FW website (HTML) seemed a bonus.

@shotgal, I am curious what are the programs you are trying as you move FP? Regardless, in the end I think you will find Pinegrow to be powerful and feature rich to satisfy your needs.

That’s correct @ShotGal. The “renew at 50% off deal” was sent to all PG users in case they want to stock-up on renewals.

I looked at the black friday special as getting Pinegrow 2 and 3 for a total of $75.00 for the PRO version instead of the regular $99.00. I will have saved $25 USD. I am making the assumption here that I will then get all updates for 1 year at the time of purchasing the discounted price for the update when it becomes available in January.

I am a new user so it did not make sense to buy multiple renewal licenses when they all would expire when version 3 comes out, at least that is my impression from the terms of the deal that just recently expired. If that is not the case then the wording was very misleading and Pinegrow creators lost out on additional monies from me.

Edit: If the same deal occurs in January with the special update price buying more than one will extend the years of updates I would receive then I will probably buy multiple upgrades for my license then as I would of this go around if I knew that was the case.

@Terry44 your assumption is correct. Taking the upcoming 3.0 upgrade into account you will have spent $75 for PG 2 and PG 3, with 1 year of updates from the date of 3.0 upgrade.

And renewals will not expire when 3.0 comes out.

We do our best to explain the terms, but sometimes that’s not easy and questions like the ones posted in this thread help to clear things up. So thank you all for that :slight_smile:

My main concern with PG is there was an implication on the Freeway Forum it wasn’t really well suited to actually design, build and publish websites. From what I can gather than doesn’t seem to be entirely true but I may be wrong - time will tell.

Right now, for me I’m also looking at Coffee Cup or Sparkle (which I also bought). I am, however maintaining a list of alternative desktop solutions for the Freeway refugees. The list intentionally excludes online web builders and subscription schemes - so it’s desktop solutions only.

Bootstrap Studio
CoffeeCup Responsive Bootstrap Builder
CoffeeCup Responsive Foundation Framer
CoffeeCup Responsive Site Designer
Ever Web
Google Web Designer
Rapid Weaver

ShotGal - no offence intended but I doubt the individuals that post on that forum fully understand the software. I’ve read comments such as “pinegrow doesn’t build fully responsive website” or “you need deep programming knowledge” Comedians or people who don’t understand the software?

I can use PInegrow to design, build and publish any website I desire, of the highest standard but it requires you to make effort into learning aspects you may not have to learn if you’re using more basic software that is designed to guide you.

Pinegrow doesn’t guide you, it just gives you the freedom to build a clean responsive website but you just have to be prepared to make some effort, which in turns teaches you more about web design/coding/css, especially if you’re at beginner/intermediate level.

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Just to add further comments on the list you provided

Bootstrap Studio is excellent for learning about the bootstrap framework and building your own blocks, powerful software but doesn’t offer the same advanced features of PInegrow and unless you’re very tech savvy, new users will find it daunting, especially when trying to create a complete website.

Mobirise is “fun” - I’ve used it but its very basic, buggy and aimed at those that just want a quick way of creating a responsive website/landing page but you need to spend money on themes/plug-ins etc. Their code editor is $69 https://mobirise.com/extensions/code-editor.html, which is a complete joke when you consider the price of Pinegrow, so it may be free but if you’re serious about web design I wouldn’t consider using it.

Here I have to interfere, cause I’m one of those comedian heavily posted in this thread. Not only there - I am nearby a decade part of this community. And I know them all!!!

I am heartily against people, declaring web-design as “knowledge free” room. The Freeway community lived more then 20 years under the impression, web design is code-free zone. Certainly, Freeway made it pretty easy to create a result, however with an extremely high price to pay:

They are not aware of the difference of an #ID and a class. They do not know the difference between position relative or absolute. Most of them are even unaware, that Freeway creates HTML, CSS and JavaScript automagically for them. A decade of convincing them ended mostly in the following sentence:

The developer promises Webpages without any knowledge. Recently Freeway’s developers had to give up their business. Why? Because 75% of its users were ignorant!!!

I’d like to prevent this community from happening the same. So those are my intentions - not against a single user - but pro an application which is promising. As long as you know what you’re doing.



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:sunglasses: Waves to Thomas…

FWIW there were a number of really bright and talented people (not me!) in that thread - but perhaps no one with full expertise on PG. The discussion probably deserves a different thread in the proper forum area at this point as this thread was about the pricing confusion.

I’ll start one over there since I just had a couple other comments.

Hi Thomas - good post.

I believe its important to pick people up when they talk out of their backside, either through arrogance or simply being misinformed and I say that in the nicest way, because believe me I don’t claim to be a “pro” or a “know it all”, but its important people understand if you just make a little effort, take the time to even understand the basics of bootstrap, instead of wanting everything handed to you, you quickly realise how powerful (and enjoyable) Pinegrow is.

And remember I’m not saying that against anyone in particular, as I have no doubt there are some talented freeway users, but maybe for whatever reason they don’t have the confidence to get stuck in.

My way of learning is make mistakes, mistakes more mistake and then you realise fixing these mistakes means you’re learning and as I’ve said before, PInegrow even has an undo function! so its trial and error at first.

Anyway, hopefully people will realise PInegrow isn’t as complicated as it looks, and all it takes is effort and a willingness to learn.

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FWIW, I actually understood the Pricing structure of the Black Friday deal perfectly.
There we go. so we weren’t all confused