Anyone use Parallels Desktop 14 for macOS High Sierra?

I use Parallels Desktop 14 with Windows 10 on my iMac so I can check my webpages’ designs and functions in MS Edge/IE. I notice that Firefox does not properly display the stack-order of my homepage’s scrolling div tags that are stacked by z-indexes (I hope I’m describing this correctly). I don’t know how to get Mozilla Tech support for help on this so I thought I’d pose the question here to learn if anyone else has noticed this. I’m attaching a screen shot of how the page looks opened in FireFox and Edge Win10 under Parallels VM. This not a critical issue by any means but I am curious as to why this is happening…

FIREFOX (under Parallels VM):

MS EDGE (under Parallels VM):

For the one or two people on the planet who have this same issue (FireFox not correctly displaying div layers via z-indexing while running Parallels VM on a Mac) here is a solution:
While in Parallels, open the FireFox browser and type “about:config” in FireFox’s address window (read and then ignore the warranty warning). Look for the “gfx.direct3d11.enable-debug-layer” attribute and toggle its setting from FALSE to TRUE (this attribute is not available in FireFox outside of Parallels, I noticed). This should correct the display of div layers.

IE 11 under Windows 10 still does not correctly display column widths set by break points. The techs at Parallels are aware of this and promise a solution soon. Meanwhile, I suggest using MS Edge which performs perfectly in Parallels, as does Chrome.