Argh! Crappy xmas-Old Mac wanted

Damn! Sorry to hear, man. Try and keep your head up and her butt clean!

Will do! :smiley: heading up there now.- was composing the Probate solicitors letter - then… the PowerPPC powerman died! aaargh. 3 flashing powere button LEDs… this is relentless!
now on the 667MHZ TITANIUM (woo hoo) PowerPC powerbook.

Im reslient, if not terribly productive.
currently using the keyboard off one of these…G3 iMac

Its alongside and slightly more dead than the G5, but a lot less than this G4


guess what?

oh yeah!

My Mac is alive again… well, in a ZOMBIE kind of way :smiley:
Clamshell mode baby!

I found a DVI adapter for the video output and… it works!
but only if I quickly turn it on and slam the little minx’s lid shut pretty quick, with an external keyboard and mouse connected.
Then, the display swaps from the closed screen to the external one! :slight_smile:
current resolution is aweful,
…not so much Retina as Rectum.

but hey!
…its… ALIVE!


“…to the last I grapple with thee ; from hell’s heart I stab at thee ; for hate’s sake I spit my last breath at thee .” ― Herman Melville

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Rectum? Damn near killed him!

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and I here I am!
on an Older Firefox derived browser (Waterfox 56.2.11)

as it shows this forum and some other sites that otherwise fail to render, AND… I cant upgrade blah blah and it’s
a 2007 white macbook, with …El Capitan… now, what number OS is this, and what version of PineGrow can I run?

Oh crap, battery about to die.

I had to strip it an resolder the cells. Ok till laters

OH yes, and the Internet died at my place last night, in the torrential rain.
But… cant complain, It IS … free wifi, from a neighbours, into a DD-WRT’d SysLink repeater/bridge, which sends the Network to the GEEKORIUM room, via a pair of ethernet over mains power adapters…where it goes into a few switches…and wifi repeater, SO it actually APPEARS like… I have the Internet

And I just spent the day stood with my poor horses, in Storm, whatever it is called, in pretty full on rain , RIGHT NEXT to the flooded Tawe river in the Swansea valley - which burst up under the river defences last week, geysering up through the ground, after tracking along the Large mains gas pipe that goes under the swollen river… as I was being assaulted by the lunatics from the ex horse sanctuay next door, whilst watching them pull the poor suicide guy out of the river at the bottom of of my fields…

SO no internet for few hours, and I just spent them with my clothes hanging up infront of my friends fire, (who is on Day 4 of Giving up smoking along with his partner who is on day 2 - My! what a fun visit that was!) drying out my clothers and am now back home, to find I have SOME Internet connectivity, :slight_smile: Great!

Life is too short to whine about stuff sometimes :slight_smile: (oooh! this has just started charging again! great)

Lets have a look at some web stuff and see if my old faithful will fire up too :slight_smile:(and this batter has just stopped charging agian. grrr SMC resets and some more soldering probably…)

Nuts…and now that little white macbook is constantly crashing and shuuting down due to hardware,a few minutes after booting.they fans sound like meat grinders, so maybe time to strip it and check those-as well as sorting the weird battery charging stuff.
Now writing g this on the tablet again…mmm yes, most definitely NOT a pro web dev, but more a highly persistent hobbyist Bastler

no it wasn’t!
It was shutting down due to… WATERFOX!
it takes out the whole OS. makes you have to press the Powerbutton for hard reset it you
…download anything.
open downloads window
Open a private tab
open About:config to try and check and do something about it.
took lots of figuring out until I came across the complaints about the downloads.

I only used Waterfox so that I could download things to take home to my dying mac with no display… so Id walk somewhere, find an internet connection, get excited, browse for the latest PG download or whatever, in the dark , squatting behind a car or suchlike and BANG… crash… 3 times or more, battery dies, walk home, wanting to frisbee computer into a bin

So it turns out on Mac OS Lion 10.7.5 … if you go above
Waterfox 56.2.11 Classic
your in for a world of frustration.

This was a pain to find, so here is a link.

where you will find it.

Also, I have now installed the Legacy version of Firefox Quantum by ParrotGeek of Dosdude1 hacked mac Installer fame (he helps make the legacy device drivers)
for my version of 10.7.5 Lion os.

this is found here.

and if anyone is wondering why on earth I am writing all of this, it is because this is what other people on budgets/poorer states may be doing to view your information/stunning websites, so if you content is meant to cater for this sort of clientele too, then it will give you some idea of the hoops they have to jump through view/not be able to view your content, so that you can adjust /tweak accordingly.

oh yeah, its also a challenge :slight_smile:

Man that is a rough way to live. I feel bad for you.

Ha! are you kidding me? that was a GOOD day! :slight_smile:but
I NOW HAVE INTERNET ( friend lent me a dongle thingy)
and so I am stil on the white macbook now typing this, but they can BOTH now get to Internet! woo hoo. THis quantum seems fine on this

And now, my display less macbook, can fire up on an external monitor and work… until it too crashes! That can run the latest PG :slight_smile: … between crashes… grrr, dylib.lib or suchlike high in the crash traces. need to sniff around.

but, there you have it.
and rained yesterday, a bit, so the mud filled fields, which then turned to spikey, baked mud dust bowls in the past week of baking 20 C has now dropped to a state of normal
now waiting for grass to burst forth. woo hoo.
For my my horsey lady friends to feast upon! Chomp!

AH, life, tis but a challenge to wonder over :slight_smile:

And I’ve also just had a birthday :slight_smile:
I got some cake!.. by accident, but I dont care :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday :birthday:

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Yay! happy MeMas! Cheers.
How are tricks over there with your good self?
I had a really (un)Eventful birthday, with everyone hiding from each other over here, BUT… did get two books Id lent out posted back to me …
WITH A HOME MADE CAKE in the parcel! woo hoo!
and…3 texts…no cards.

Wow, Im as popular in the real world as I am here :stuck_out_tongue:hee hee

In other news…after having been making great initial progress in learning CSS Grid , with the Mozilla docs…and working on my horsey blog,
well… the weather is JUST TOO NICE here…so I was spending quite some time with the horses and then calling in on a mate on the way back home how has multiple Sclerosis, to check all was well with him (sitting outside his house, under a car port, with wifi) but was not getting home till 11-12 most most nights, so that took its toll after a month or so of that so coming home earlier now and the current fascination for my tiny squirrel like mind is


Oh yes! sewing machines! fantastic things.
Horses are large., like much bigger than a dog …or a chicken…or a , well you get the idea.
And we keep them outside, in Wales…where it rains a lot and freezes.
Not very nice for a big furry beast. So we put coats and rugs on them, to ease our guilt.

Horses werent designed to wear clothes.
They have hooves. Have you ever tried doing up buttons and velcro with hooves?
Or teeth?

It doenst end well, so they tend to use trees and barbed wire fences to
Take them off… if they feel inclined to do so.

This usually leaves you with £30-£40 worth of shredded material laying usually , in horse manure, as a loving touch to say thank you …

Now, if you see the size of the holes they rip… and then see the size of a sewing needle… it can be a daunting/demoralising task.


And I have a few of these I have laying around (well, stacked neatly on metal shelving in my bedroom, which, after all is where all geeks with a non existent romantic life keep piles of kit… dont they >? please say its not just me!)

Well, I have no started watching these, by this incredibly English, school Ma’m type, - I really like her instructional techniques though. like your favourite infant school teacher who doesnt teach down to you…

Made to Sew

and their youtube channel for beginners of course :slight_smile:)

This American chap.

and now sewing is amazing!

I have just replaced the fly zip on my trousers, reinforced the Crotch, which I always destroy… (as I have a 36" inside leg, and no one makes trousers for Giraffes, so , they get stretched and wrecked)
and then… sown on a button… WITH A SEWING MACHINE!! woo hoo.

Then, I started on my rucksacks… oh yeah baby, fix fix fix…

and now… remember those horse coats? with BIG holes
Mwaa haaa haaa…

Come to me, my precioussssssh

SO, I have set up a table (between windows in bedroom…yes, TWO windows! wow. Never had a room with 2 windows in wall before, all rooms been too small)

and today I hope to clear the back yard and put a table outside.
Oh and put one in the kitchen too.
NOTE!.. I have the smallest kitchen in the world.
possibly not
IT doesnt even have a kitchen sink! too small.

UPdate … didnt clear the back yard…
but got another sewing machine.
Damn you ebay!