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Hail and Greetings.

Im kind of back, a bit.
Just got an late 2009 iMac 21" fired up, with a 2nd Screen
and hacked Mojave onto this unsupported Mac via the awesome


and in particular for this fine project


And now there is a newer PineGrow out too and I have to admit, it has shot waaay beyond my capabilities and can do so much more than I know, and the Interface is ,

…big! :smiley:

and shiney.

SO I think its back to hello world and a few tutorials for me… in slow time.
in between patting ponies bottoms.

recently its been snowy

for quite a while before that, its been rainy…

thats my foot on what was the ground… before it rained…

and Ive had a great time!

Ive been so happy! … as you can tell…

So, I shall now try and get back to doing a little web tinkering… with the horsey blog.

…after I set up all my Hard drives, in order to find all my muddled up stuff from umpteen homes, sick computers and bouts of amnesia!
I came up with quite a fine contraption, which Ill show you after Ive done some web beginnings :slight_smile:

So just saying hi to everyone from this new shiny (late 2009 iMac, as opposed to my early 2009 Macbook Pro…with its dying graphics card- but STILL booting and running (and crashing) with external screens in clamshell mode)
And the VERY sexy, Mojave, dark mode…oooooh, shivers!

So, back to the beginners section for me, and well take it from there :slight_smile:


WOW! That website is an awesome throwback. Love the picture section - will I get a snap of some obscure hardware, a naked woman, a virus?
We just emerged from a prolonged mud season into light snow season ourselves. The horsies are not thrilled with either season, but I rather prefer the current to the later.

Ha! Yes, from bak in da day!
I think Your pretty safe there though, as that absolute genius who runs that somewhat basic but perfectly serviceable site, is the reason many many Old Macs are actually still current, running, safe and secure, running the latest software …after Apple axed squillions of peoples perfectly serviceable machines with their absolutely retarded *7 year planned (by Apple, NOT the owners… obsolescence.)

He seems rather clever… He might just notice the rats at his door if someone tried depositing their virus infested carcasses at his web door, to sneak them into his site.

…He probably has Lasers… and all sorts… :smiley:
and mud yes… tell me about that one… I should have taken a pic today as my Welly boots got sucked away from my feet…lovely

I enjoy the older Mac scene it’s a broad, lively and happening place.

I was a bit bummed when dosdude1 announced he would not be porting Big Sur. I had hoped he would at least port it for those with Metal cards and specific machines that would not have issue with it. Fortunately some others have provided ports but not quite as nice of a process as what dosdude1 always put forth.

On your MacBook Pro have you ever came across discussions of the solder reflow issue? I’m not sure about the 2009 MBP but some of these MBP had notorious issues with the solder flowing when reaching hot temperatures and thus losing contact at certain points across the boards. People even resorted to putting them in their oven, using heat guns, camp fires, etc., to reflow them, eek. I almost was about to look into that myself a few years back but didn’t want to fry it. Instead took my 17” to an Apple store and surprising they put an entirely new logic board in it and a new battery for free even many years after Apple Care had ended. What a blessing that was.

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Yep, my old MacBook pro, also a 17" (early 2009) has the issue… C7771 capacitor is one thing, and thats what people were reheating… along with graphics cards etc.

If you’ve not come across Louis Rossman on Youtube, I really really recommend his stuff!
ITs awesome.
Im migrating to this slightly less obsolete Mac and then the knives are coming out on my MPB :slight_smile:

this is the Hardware God version of DosDudes, software god status.

and youll see him on about the the reflowing thing.

Yes I’m familiar with his videos and also came across him when I had my MBP issue. I hope you have much success when you warm up your MBP or whatever you end up doing with it.

And yes, @RobM mud… I should have sent a pic of today as the mud sucked my feet down yet again and I fell over.
In the mud…

Last nights 5am OS Hack was a success but I used HFS+ journaled file system.
And it worked. - but You cant do updates!
Mac app store wont allow updates unless APFS file system is utilised on your Mac!
It will check for them, show them, but wont connect to server and download them!

SO today, another partition… now in APFS… which I have avoided like the plague, but, I now have Mojave installed working and fab on HFS+

so lets try it on APFS and compare… I mean , what could go wrong?
OH! yes, you HAVE to update your bootrom IF… your machine is actually capable of running High SIerra natively. THIS IS! wow.
(My macbook pro aint :frowning: )

so! yet again, care of the incredible DosDude, I downloaded his BootRom update tool as without this… it will brick your machine!!!

If you try to run it on an SSD.

well, I have spinning disks! But thought I should future proof and update the BoomRom. anyway.

Ran the BootRom Updater.
Created new APFS partition…
Ran DOSDUDE patched installer and installed to the new shiny (and scary) APFS partition.

woo hoo.
Rebooted in order to run the Post Install Patch tool and



Just the big grey NO ENTRY sign… no post chimes and DVD making odd sounds.


tried, to put OS disk in the DVD Drive then.

TRIED holding down the ALT key on the Sexy Mac wireless keyboard… fail.
SO… couldnt select one of the other OS’ to boot from.

What the heck?
But noticed that the mouse power light wasnt behaving correctly, like it wasnt connecting (underneath the mouse)
SO clicked around with the keyboard power switch…
No dice.

Multiple reboots… mmmm the same.
SO just went and got a wired windows keyboard.

Plugged that it, Held down ALT key.


Hard drive symbols!!
rebooted in Mojave, HFS+

SUCCESS again.
Went to system prefs, reset Start up Volume to this reliable install.

Then … rebooted, held down ALT key… HARD drive symbols again.

selected USB,
ran the post install patch tool on the APFS Mojave Installation…
(you select which disk to run it on , at the bottom of hte tool)
And… ran and
REbooted, holding down ALt…

Selected previsously Dead APFS Mojave… on the previously Bricked machine.

Success… Happy little dance.

ANd now its working, after that bizarre little scary hiccup (just incase any of you guys try it - get a wired keyboard)

And now I CAN update it!
Downloaded the latest safari and security updates (via my phone… 1MB… connection.
Wasnt that fun)

and… Its now installing!!
Woo Hoo.

Then… first Application to install.

Lets play a game…

Sounds Like

SO… heres your clues.

Thigh Bone…

Whine and Groan…

My Go…

Why’d you Go?

…oh yes!
Thats it,
First APP to install on this new system.

PINEGROW!!! 5.991

in dark mode… Lets totally scramble my eyeballs as I try to see the edges of everything, in Mojave dark mode too.
Super! :slight_smile:
here we go.

Bye for now


mmmm… and then…after the OS update for browser etc it is stuck in a continual reboot/ crash screen loop :frowning: restart

AH! so I booted once more off the USB key and ran the Post Install on the APFS partition… as it had actually rebooted successfully into the HFS partition, not this one.

Aaaand… it FINALY rebooted to the APFS Mojave partition.
Huzzah…er but
THAT weird mouse problem again OH… and now KEYBOARD TOO!

SO wired mouse as well, reboot again…
And mouse Laser fires up… wired keyboard caps lock light comes on…

then they both go off.

Im looking at the login screen, with no working mouse or keyboard, so cant login in.
Uber Crap.
Hard drive doing lots of hard drive stuff inside it , so it sounds like.

oh well…1.30am… finished the other install at 5am this morning… lets see how this goes


re run post install patch tool and this time, force cache rebuild…jesus.

Update 3

…forgot why I was doing this… oh yeah
To install Pinegrow on new iMac!

3.30 am, done… already.


And here I am!
It is now officially tomorrow and IT RUNS!

Mojave, now installed with APFS on an unsupported 2009 iMac and
PineGrow 5.991 Installed.
Just opened the beginning of their Horsey Blog, which I will doing to learn CSS GRID,
With PineGrow :slight_smile:

It now boots, Mojave APFS as the boot disk AND… the Macs Wireless keyboard and Mouse work from boot so I can login.

So no dramas there then… now, off to the horses

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