Autofocus newly created elements

Hey there,

i am in my pinegrow trial and the first thing that came to my mind using it was:
Why wouldn’t it autoselect the element that i just created so i can move on to style it or something else.

It is such a simple step but a big time saver.

Same for adding a non-existing-class for an element. It would be useful if the style window is opened immediately. Why else would i add a new class onto the element?

Another example is autofocusing the search bar, when the “insert elements”-window has opened. That would be a time saver as well!

One more thing that is coming to my mind (that might be opinionated) is that after adding an element inside of an element

I think lots of those small details are missing (comparing it to webflow) that make the UX smooth. Many clicks are needed to reach a simple goal.

Is there any way to activate those functionalities or plan to implement it?

Thanks in advance!