Better table support

Even with responsive design and modern HTML: for the collection of data tables are required.

Unfortunately, the PG support for table-tags in plain HTML is poor.

It begins with the Library (plain HTML):
Each tag of a table must be added individually, which is extremely troublesome. As a table-tag could be used without tr and td.
What is needed is a Lib element that adds a entire table (in this situation i don’t want to use bootstrap or any other framework).

Adding a new column to the table can only be accomplished through the HTML code quickly. Otherwise, each TD must be added individually. It’s not fun :unamused:
Please add menu items to the context menu (right mouse click) of the table, which provide the ability to add rows/columns and to delete them.

And the implemantation of tables has a bug (in combination with p-Tag):
If you place a p-Tag and a table inside of a div strange phenomena appears.
Double-click on the p-Tag shows the content of the p-Tag twice or new p-Tags will be added or sometimes a false the font-size is shown.
If you need more input, i can send you examples.

Please excuse my bad english…

Hi. Regarding creating tables maybe this might be of help

Also regarding adding columns or rows this is possible by clicking the duplicate icon.

Sorry I’m reading this on my phone so I can’t test what you are saying about the bug but I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Yes, i know, adding rows via duplicate function is easy, but - if i do it right - adding columns is a pain: you can’t add a complete column, only one “td” at a time.

Thanks for the hint, i will do that, if i am the only one, who needs tables in plain html (i know this not the focus of PG) :relaxed:

I guess tables are one of the strange ones because they have different requirements for everyone and rarely are the same, so the individual parts are the largest potentially useful elements. Even my suggestion could leave you having to add or subtract cells, columns or rows.

I think at some stage we all have to work with tables on a project. Interesting points.

My last post for today, I promise :slight_smile:

I have the impression that you do not like tables.
I do not like them too, but unfortunately you have to use them from time to time (sorry if I repeat myself)

If you duplicated in table-tags, for example, a bullet point (or any other tagged element), this new element is not displayed immediately, only after the reload of the page. Outside of a table, the element will be displayed immediately (when duplicated).
This is tolerable for a developer, but when i give the CMS version to an inexperienced user (I would like to do this), then it has - in my opinion - to work, otherwise he calls me every day and night :-).

Please take the tables again into your focus, they are not evil.

Yes, Please improve Tables… its a basic structure that lets us lay out data quickly.