Genuine table editor

I would love it if Pinegrow had a genuine table editor. This is the feature I most miss in Pinegrow. The best HTML table editor I have used is in Microsoft Expression Web, which is much better than the table editor in Dreamweaver. I can no longer use Expression Web because it basically doesn’t work with a 4K monitor on the current version of Windows. Also, don’t lecture me able the virtues of reflowing. Some data truly is tabular and should not be reformatted or reflowed to fit the screen of the wrong device like a phone. I’ve seen examples of small table where reflow makes sense, but for large table this is not the case.

Hi @Alan65 David,

In Pinegrow is a normal HTML table builder at the insert panel! What I would like to see is a extended table editor for Bootstrap 5 (just some more insert possibilities of the Bootstrap 5 tables). Because it is very limited now.



I guess I wouldn’t call that a table editor. It lacks most of the features one would want in a table editor.

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I agree fully! Compare to what I was used to in Dreamweaver CS5 the table inserter is a joke! And it would be a great idea to have something similar in Pinegrow.

The table editor for Bootstrap 5 is a bit more automated.

For plain HTML tables I find that using the repeater and duplicate work pretty well. Make one row, style as desired, and then duplicate as many times as needed. I also use Emmet a bit for repeated content.

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