Blueprint Presentations + counter - Blueprints

Hello PG, hoping someone can give me a hint.
I am trying to customize the PG Presentation blueprint. I must add a counter instead of the slides bullets.
Trying to bring the logic behind the counter applied to the blueprints galleries. I have been tinkering around without much luck.

(SELECTOR) ^.pgia-gallery|.pgia-gallery-count → (INTERACTION) AO 1
(SELECTOR) ^.pgia-presantion-stage|.pgia-gallery-count span:nth-of-type(1) → span | 1 (INTERACTION) innerHTML {target.index1} (SELECTOR) ^.pgia-presantion-stage|.pgia-gallery-count span:nth-of-type(2) --> span | 5 (INTERACTION) innerHTML {target.parentNode.children.length}

Any help would be much appreciated.