Border-style setting

Hello There,

i’m not using the visual editor that much (i like to write css by myself),
but the Border Section is (still?) missing the setting for the border-style. So you have to add the border-style by hand in the code. This is a little bit weird, otherwise the whole border won’t work. Probably the border-style could be a Menu with solid, dotted, double. etc… . And it would be nice if the preset would be „solid“.


Hi @Johnny,
I’m not sure if you just overlooked this in the visual editor?

The first input of each is for width, the second for color, and the third is for style.
With no style selected it is an “X”. Clicking the X will bring up a menu of the different styles.
Does this help?


Hey Bob,
thank you very much! this was not apparent to me.
For me, an X means that the entered values will be deleted.

Sometimes Pinegrow is difficult, but I love it :smile: