Is there anything that would prevent a border from showing up? [SOLVED]

No idea why this is suddenly happening, but I can’t seem to get a border to appear on anything.

I just started another new Bootstrap page, and have the container, a row in that, a column in that (12 width) and an 800px image.

In the CSS styling, I’ve applied a solid border of 10px (just to be sure I can see it show up if it does).

The code looks fine, yet I can now never get any kind of border to show up on anything.

Any common reason this might not be showing up (neither in the Pinegrow preview, nor the resulting webpage?

UPDATE: As tradition seems to dictate, I suddenly figured it out literally right after posting the question… an unfortunate talent I seem to have for many years now… but, at least it means I’ve figured it out.

So, it appears that if you TYPE the value in the CSS border properties panel, nothing shows up… but if you use the arrow sliders to increment the value, it does…

Chalk that up as another ‘this is why Pinegrow doesn’t support Win7’ thing, I guess…

the behavior i’ve come to use and expect in my win64 version of PG is that you can use the mouse to rough size the element/object using the spinner arrows next to the input box (a number will automagically populate the box), and then click on the number in the box and use the cursor arrow keys to fine tune the number in increments of one.

later for more fine tuning you can also click on the number in the style editor and use the cursor arrows there as well.

I’ve had random weirdness like this. But, ya, typing the value results in on the Border attribute nothing showing up… so I have been using the little UI spinner things out of necessity.

The Overflow pulldown menu thing in the properties panel seems glitched, causing an error window, and the inability to set the property to nothing/blank except for rebooting Pinegrow.

I also get this odd black box ‘behind’ the grabbing mouse pointer icon when you hover over Library items on the left panel (as if the alpha on that graphic is flawed/opaque). All other pointers are just fine.

I reported the issues, but unfortunately Win7 has given the programmers grief (hence, why it’s supposedly not officially supported). It’s only recently that I’ve been having some of these random issues. I guess the recent updates have been Win7 unfriendly.