BUG? Duplicated classes and IDs on Stylesheets Panel

Hi there! I am not sure if there is a bug on my code or in Pinegrow or none of them, but it seems strange to me.

Do you guys have always duplicated info of IDs and classes on Stylesheet Control Panel? I think I never had this information and I found it redundant.

The thing is that I also receive an error of “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘hasClass’ of null” when changing any data on the Visual Editor. There is a strange thing on my Pinegrow.

Hey @Qiero,
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Can you post a screenshot or two of the duplicated info. We might need to get your project to duplicate the error.

Hi RobM, thanks for your interest. Here are the screenshots.


Would you mind pulling a support ticket through support@pinegrow.com. There is a nice write-up of the info you should submit here. Whatever is going on it looks a little complicated and potentially project specific.

Hi Rob, I did.

Thanks for you help!

I have the same problem. I see some classes 2x and can hardly edit them. There is only one class in the stylesheet. I have this problem since maybe two weeks or so.

Same thing than me, Riccarcharias. They are working on it, I think, cause it seems a kind of bug.

Hi @Qiero,
We have your project and are looking at it. @Riccarcharias if you are also able to reproduce this easily we would welcome a project from you sent to support@pinegrow.com.

I haven’t found a way to reproduce the bug jet

And I haven’t found a way to fix it. As you can see I can’t delete CSS properties or rules. I have to edit them in the CSS file directly (which is luckily possible in PG).

Hello. I have the same problem. On macOS 10.14.6, with Pinegrow 5.992.
Only when I use media query, not for all media queries, but always with the same.

Hi @Jerome,
Can you describe how to recreate the bug?

I still can’t recreate the bug but is definitely has something to do with @media queries. I also noticed that the visual editor which has always two columns at my monitor size suddenly has just one column like on smaller screens when the bug occurs…I just need to resize the program window a little bit and the visual editor has again two columns

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Maybe… I just make some tests.
First, for the same style (same stylesheet), the bug come on different html pages.
Then, I create div, p and style them. Make a media query, make new style. Modify css with no media query. Create a new media query (with same size).
Because of Pinegrow create a new media query rule in css file, I modify css rules directly in css file inside PG. And then the double style bug come.

I think it come from it, when you make modification in css file inside PG. (Maybe this bug is connected to other bug: why PG create a new media query with same parameter).

I can send the project files if you want.

Thanks for this info, @Jerome. Yeah, I think the project file might be useful.
One question - When you say you modify the CSS rules in the file within Pinegrow, there are several ways to do this. Do you use the large Code Editor under the Page View, or somewhere else in the editor?

Yes in code editor.
Where I can send the files? to support@pinegrow.com?

Correct - sorry I should have said in my message. Thanks!

No problem. I sent a zip to this email.