Copy and paste error?

Mac OS X El Capitan (10.11)
Pinegrow 4.4 -woops! I just noticed. thought this was in 4.5 will try again to replicate now, in 4.5
-Actually, It is 4.5, but it identifies as 4.4 when about pinegrow is viewed. same for the installer

Hi, while trying to copy html code from a codepen site into a new page created with pinegrow,
then create and copy the css style into a corrsponding style sheet, created with pinegrow’s manage style sheet function.
I came across a bug, I think.

Pinegrow linked the style sheet into the pages head, and I pasted the code into the style sheet and saved it,
It wasnt implemented!

I can preview in browser but there are no styles

here is a link to the video, posted here on the forum on another link

there was a bit of a delay in the vid , where I had forgotton to paste the style in first :slight_smile:
but you will see the problem

  1. using manage styles sheets in Pinegrow, create and attach a new style sheet.
  2. save the css file.
    (Check Pinegrow adds the style sheet to the html in the head.- Yes, this is good)
  3. paste the style contents into the css sheet.
  4. save the files, html and css

no styling applied! in Pinegrow
preview in browser , no stylesheet applied.

Styling instantly applied.

Interesting! and sorry for delay.

It took until now to get around to firinig up PG 4.5 after installing it (on a different os and fixing some stuff)

and when I opened the project - which had worked (finally) in pinegrow 4.4, after editing the pasted style sheet -
its not saved!
no styling,
no css in the header,
empty css file!