[BUG] Persistent classes

It seems like PG3 is keeping a history of all the frameworks that have been used and offering them as options for any page/project in a session. For example, try this:

  1. Open up Pinegrow and create a new page using the bootstrap framework
  2. Add a paragraph of text or something and click add class to assign a class to it. You should see a list of bootstrap classes to choose from. So far so good.
  3. Now close that page without saving and create a new page using the foundation framework.
  4. Add a paragraph to this page and click Add Class to apply a class to it. You will now see all the bootstrap classes as well as the foundation ones.

If you keep doing this then you will see more and more classes to choose from but only the ones that are for the current framework you are using will actually work. I would think the class list should only show the classes that are available based on the CSS files you have active for the current page you are editing.