Deleted and renamed classes & ID's are NOT updated in property panel (Please fix this)

Dear Pinegrow developers,

I find it really distracting and annoying that when trying to add classes to an element via the property panel
we are shown all the classes that have been created in the project, even those that have already been deleted or renamed in the CSS file via the styling panel. I don’t want to see all the class names listed, that don’t even exist anymore in my project or CSS file(s). Why do they still show up in that list? That’s very confusing and unnecessary. I am sure that I am not the only one who finds this very annoying. Could you please fix this by making Pinegrow to automatically update the class lists in the property panel and the ID’s shown in the ID Field of the property panel, so that it does no longer show old and already removed or renamed class or id names, whenever we delete or rename a class in the CSS file or via the styling panel?

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i’ve noticed this too and it’s distracting when you’ve decided to change a class name, say to better distinguish it from another similar class name, but when you look at the list, it’s still there taunting you, gas lighting you.

perhaps it can be part of normal housecleaning to purge the names that no longer exist in the CSS file indicated.

or at least give us the option to remove it ourselves

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