Can't open numbered content in Documentation

I can’t open numbered content in the docs.

For example. I searched for Pug. I click through the Code Editing result. None of the four numbered content topics opens up for me. Not by clicking on the title, nor by clicking on the Chevron right icon.
It doesn’t matter if I get there through a search, or directly through the menu.

I tried with GC 81.0.4044.92 (Official Build) (64-bit), FF 75.0 (64-bit), and Opera 67.0.3575.115 on Arch Linux w/ kernel 5.6.2

Seems like the website is broken.
I can not open ANY dropdown link on any Documentation page. Mac or PC.

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So it’s not limited to what I experienced. I guess we will need to have patience.
Thanks for chiming in. I can stop blaming myself now.

EDIT: And the issue with images not showing up seems to be resolved now. Looks like they are busy with it as we’re speaking?

Just an FYI - you can see the content if you disable Java script in your browser.

In Safari you find that in the Develop menu.
On Chrome its Settings > Privacy & Security > Site Settings

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Thanks for fixing the issue. I’ll only disable JavaScript when I’m desperate. :wink:

I think the issue should be fixed.

Yes looks like it is.