Pinegrow's online documentation search engine is back!

Pinegrow’s online documentation search engine is back.

Unfortunately, we hadn’t noticed it, but for many weeks now, a configuration problem has been preventing the search engine from working properly.

The problem is now solved and you should be able to search normally again from the Documentation site.


Now I understand why I couldn’t find a thing! :wink:
Glad it’s fixed!

Here you go then, a little something to be getting on with :slight_smile:
Happy new year!

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Special documentation page for Vatican City and especially for the pope! Those guys also work al lot with server side techniques!

You have landed on a placeholder page, the message is now more effective. :wink:

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Yep! a lot of back end administration goes on there… cough cough

anyway, hilarity aside, it might be good to point to the old beta docs too for some older interfaces.
You guys know who uses what versions I guess by demographics etc, but there are some good docs there which are simply lost until newer docs cover those topics.

Also, may be worth maintining different versions for different UI. ie, for each topic, show the different interfaces? side by side, one after the other. link to pages for previous versions etc?
Im not too sure really, but there are some good docs there, not replicated in the newer docs -unless the search has been bust for longer than a few weeks, as ive been pointing people to the old docs for …er years.

And some stuff is still pretty relevant or the only option.
Ie, if you want to use Partials instead of SSI sort of thing, or just partials, then you are restricted to the 2.951 version if My memory serves me well (Damn! THREE decimal place versions! look at me go!)

so that stuff should be searchable really, even if its just a
Search to older docs for previous Versions
sort of link to the older docs, saving them being lost or in limbo.

just some ideas. for bouncing around

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