"Can't select element created at run time" error

I am migrating my site editing from Dreamweaver to Pinegrow. On my pages I made extensive use of Dreamweaver templates, so that where there are elements common to all pages, those elements need only be edited in the template, which would automatically update all the web pages that use that template.

I find that when I attempt to edit these pages, when I select any element on the page, I get the message:

Can’t select element created at run time

Dynamic elements are HTML elements created by Javascript code on your page. These elements are not part of HTML code of the page and so can’t be edited through Pinegrow.

You have to edit the relevant Javascript code to change dynamic elements.

But there are no Javascript created elements on the page. Why does it think there are any?

This is making it difficult for me to edit my site’s pages. I have to edit the raw code by means of the menu item: Page => Edit code.

An example of template controlled code elements on a page can be downloaded from: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4vkyk33oy2fnh0e/Dreamweaver_Template_Example.txt

You will need to show your code, the template you are currently working with that is presenting that error. You may have php or some other code in the template that is causing your problem.

I downloaded and completed the sample code you uploaded and it works fine.

    <!-- InstanceBegin template="/Templates/TheTemplate.dwt" codeOutsideHTMLIsLocked="false" -->     
        <!-- #BeginEditable "doctitle" -->         
        <title>The Title</title>         
        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1"> 
        <!-- #EndEditable -->         
        <meta name="RATING" content="RTA-5042-1996-1400-1577-RTA"> 
a {  text-decoration: none}
        Hello this is a test!</h1>

Here are instructions to be able to hide server side code from within Pinegrow so you can work with the html without difficulty.

Dreamweaver has it’s own way of doing things when it comes to templates, you will need to convert everything Dreamweaver specific to the way Pinegrow does it with Master Pages.

Instructions for turning off Server Side code within your HTML inside of Pinegrow

At the top menu bar select Page -> Manage libraries & plugins…

Activate Server-side Scripts

A new menu will appear at the top of the Pinegrow window. PHP, ASP, ERB
Deselect Show Server Side Code


The code I gave in that link was all the code that showed when I selected Page => Edit code.

I created a new and complete html file with only enough code copied from from the original file I had this problem with to demonstrate the “Can’t select…” problem. This new file can be downloaded from:


When I click on the “Some Content” text in the WYSIWYG window I get the “Can’t select element created at run time.” error. But this file does not have any dynamically created at runtime content. This is a static page.

The code in this new file does show in entirety in the code edit window.

I know now why when I edited code by Page => Edit code only a small portion of the code displayed in the code editor. There was an error in the header’s style element. This is the style element code that stops the editor from displaying the code that follows for editing:

When this was corrected to be:

the remainder of the code became available for editing. This is a bug in Pinegrow. It should have flagged this as error instead of making the rest of the code unavailable for editing.

This error in the HTML code is also what made Pinegrow believe there was dynamically created content on the page. Once the style element was corrected the “Can’t select element created at run time” error disappeared.