Dynamic element can't be edited

no idea whats up. it was working fine on the first run. i ran the program again for the same project and everything is dynamic now

i removed the files and loaded the project again and again… same issue

Can’t see any tags inside your body tag.

here is a photo before removing everything. but it was working fine i was able to remove/edit elements

There is a body tag in your image which you should be able to select in your tree panel. Also, do you have JS disabled in the top toolbar?

i tried with js on/off same. also tree panel not able to do anything

i even created a test page with simple html, still dynamic

Probably try restarting Pinegrow. Also, check if there are any errors displayed in the console which you can open by right-clicking on the Pinegrow logo on the top-left corner.

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found out errors in console. it was a 404 for a component i removed! haha thanks!

oddly, even reinstalling Pinegrow and clearing cache was not fixing the issue.

Thanks again for the help!