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Carousel with md-6 and 100% browser height?


Sorry @schpengle for not coming quicker back to you, but I was off house. Reason being that I had to place some Mc Donald’s discount sticker in Subway’s and Burger King’s restaurants.




it’s ok @Thomas, we’ve just lost one self promoted forum policeman we don’t need another, that vacancy is now gone :wink:


I have the stand-alone version of WowSlider. Almost never use it. It works fine, but unless I have a request for a specific cheesy transition, I just use the built-in Bootstrap carousel. It’s a fairly old piece of software in fact.

Mobirise is a legit free program, but it’s not a very good one. I deleted shortly after I dloaded it. Bootstrap Studio is far, far better, and it’s quite inexpensive ($60 for full program with lifetime upgrades. The even throw you space for five websites on their cloud.)