Change email admin or delete admin account but still receive old emails

Dear Sir,

I Just create “php form” from Pinegrow, I want to change email in admin WP but still receive old emails, not send to new email. (It’s work)
New admin email: (do not receive emails)

When i create new account, change to admin account after that delete old account → I’m register information on the form but still receive old emails

Ảnh chụp Màn hình 2022-01-28 lúc 12.33.31

How to fix it?
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Hi @raywade90,
This is a little bit difficult to trouble-shoot. My best guess is that your host has some type of caching going on. THe form uses get_option('admin_email') to populate the send to field if the address is left blank in the action. When you look under Users in the dashboard, is the correct email displayed?
Sorry for the trouble,